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Chapter 2039: Shameless Team (1)Translator: Henyee Translations  Editor: Henyee Translations

However, the expression of this team that was supposed to be used to such a situation was not as good as that of the representatives from Deathfire Academy, which really made them speechless.

The battle lasted for two hours before it finally ended.

There were only a dozen students who could barely stand on the stage.

Most of them had fallen to the ground and were on their last breaths.

Blood stained the entire venue, and the thick smell of blood was nauseating.

There was no joy on the faces of the victorious teenagers.

Those who fell around them were all their companions.

For the first time, their hands were stained with the lives of their peers, which made them unable to smile.

The numb students left in tears.

The person in charge of the competition immediately got someone to wash the stage.

The clean water washed away the blood on the stage and erased everything that had happened.

Mingye took a deep breath and closed his eyes.

His Adams apple moved up and down as he swallowed.


Was this what her father wanted

So many undead teenagers had died or been seriously injured because of such a cruel selection competition.

What was the significance of the selection competition

Mingye did not dare to ask, because he knew that his questions would only be mercilessly ignored.

At the end of the first match, the picture of a real life-or-death battle was imprinted in the hearts of every undead.

No one would cheer in such a match anymore.

They sat in their chairs in silence with complicated expressions.

After cleaning up, the second match was about to begin.

Students from the Flaming Red Squad and Specter College entered from both sides.

The students of Specter College were standing on the stage seriously.

Their expressions were not very cheerful, but they were in a good mood.

As the other contestants thought, the teaching method of Specter College had always been simple and crude.

It was not a problem for a student to die.

There were also rumors that a large number of students from Specter College were sent to the dark division of Hidden Dream City after graduation to deal with some tricky things.

Therefore, the syllabus of Specter College was more bloody.

The psychological pressure the students of Specter College was facing was much less than that of other students.

However, when they saw the group of students opposite them, they were completely speechless.

“Its pretty clean.

Theres no trace at all.” Shile looked at the wet marble under his feet and generously praised the diligence of the staff.

“The smell of blood is still there.” Zhanye took a sniff and expressed that it was still not enough.

“This smell is much lighter than when we were in training.” Shile shrugged his shoulders.

“I was hoping to find something interesting here.” Another young man tried his best to search around but did not find anything he was looking for.

For example… meat and bones…

“I think, instead of looking here, you might as well take a few more glances when the match is over.” Shile smilingly said.

“If I were to see my arm fall to the ground, I dont think I would be able to smile.”

“What if it were your legs”

“I might cry.”

From top to bottom, the Flaming Red Squad seemed to not feel any nervousness.

They laughed and talked as if what they were about to face was not a fight that would decide life and death, but a game.

That relaxed state simply made the students of Specter College opposite them vomit blood.

Could you have some integrity

Could you show some nervousness

Are we going to fight to the death

Could you have some professionalism

Could you match the atmosphere

Seeing their opponents playing around, the students of Specter College expressed that they were under a lot of pressure.

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