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Chapter 2040: Shameless Team (2)Translator: Henyee Translations  Editor: Henyee Translations

Not to mention the students of Specter College, even the spectators at the edge of the venue were stimulated by the cheerful atmosphere of the Flaming Red Squad.

The Flaming Red Squad performed well in the previous matches.

It could be said that they were comparable to the Royal Academy team who was receiving the greatest attention.

However, in the previous match, their performance was quite normal.

They went up as soon as they started fighting and left as soon as they were done.

They did not have any special reactions.

However, when they encountered such a unique situation where their life might be in peril, their attitude was too unimaginable.

If it were a team of experienced soldiers, the audience might not find their reaction too strange.

However, the members of the Flaming Red Squad were all teenagers.

Not to mention experiencing any bloody battles, they probably had not even killed a chicken.


However, such a group of students were calmer than all the other teams combined.

To say that they were calm was already giving them face.

They were simply here to sightsee!

The originally oppressive atmosphere was obviously eased by the unreliable Flaming Red Squad.

“Hey, brothers on the opposite side, do you want to fight us to the death or be more harmonious If you fall, dont get up.” Shile put one arm around Zhanyes shoulder and looked at the students of Specter College with a smile.


The students of Specter College looked at him as if he were a monster.

“Shile, we are in competition.

We must try our best in every match.” Zhanye frowned slightly.

Shile shrugged his shoulders.

“Im just saying.

I dont think they would choose the other option.”

“…” The students of Specter College wanted to vomit blood.

They felt they were definitely being teased.

“Dont be nervous, just relax.

Its just a competition.

Dont make it look like youre going to the battlefield.

Friendship first, competition second.” Shile smilingly said.

The students of Specter College no longer wanted to pay attention to this unreliable opponent.

Could they relax Once the rules of the competition were changed, they could not avoid death or injury.

What was the difference between this and going to the battlefield

The students of Specter College, who had always boasted about their strong hearts, could only kneel in the face of the steel-like mentality of the Flaming Red Squad.

At this point, what else could they say

On the main grandstand, Mingye, who was still worried about the Flaming Red Squad, finally breathed a sigh of relief after seeing the cheerful atmosphere of the Flaming Red Squad.

This group of teenagers was stronger than he had imagined.

Although… they gave off an extremely unreliable feeling, at least they did not tremble nervously.


The Undead Lord, who had been silent, suddenly opened his mouth.

Mingye immediately stepped forward.

“Which academy are they from” There was no fluctuation in the voice of the Undead Lord.

Mingye knew that he must be asking about the Flaming Red Squad.

Because of Shen Yanxiao, Mingye had always paid attention to the matches of the Flaming Red Squad, so he was very clear about their situation.

“Father, they are students of Deathfire Academy.”

“The one where Kehr is” The Undead Lord asked.


“Their mentor is Kehr”


Its a purebred undead named Yan Di.” Mingye cautiously said Shen Yanxiaos name.

“Yan Di…” The eyes of the Undead Lord narrowed slightly.

Compared with the other teams, the cheerful atmosphere of the Flaming Red Squad was too conspicuous.

In the face of the coming fight, they did not show the slightest nervousness, which was obviously recognized by the Undead Lord.

“Let them begin.”


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