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Chapter 2041: Shameless Team (3)Translator: Henyee Translations  Editor: Henyee Translations

The bell rang, and the nervousness of Specter College when they went on stage was completely worn out by Shiles mouth.

Right now, they only had one thought.

Whether they won or lost, they must beat that bastard to death!

It had to be said that Shiles method of attracting hatred was well-done.

The moment the match began, the momentum of the Flaming Red Squad changed dramatically.

All the laughter faded from their faces, replaced by absolute caution and seriousness.

The students of Specter College immediately prepared to attack.

They gave up the idea of breaking them one by one and directly formed a circle.

The students at the periphery took the lead to launch a death energy attack, while the students at the back immediately condensed their death energy and prepared to join in.


This kind of arrangement was rarely seen in an academy, but it was widely used in the army to ensure that their own people would not be hurt.

At the same time, they would be able to continuously attack the other party.

As soon as the fighting style of Specter College appeared, it immediately aroused a burst of exclamation on the playing field.

Such a formation could effectively protect their members.

However, if they wanted to launch continuous attacks, the students in the periphery and in the circle must have great sense of teamwork and coordination.

This was not something that could be trained overnight.

As long as there was a slight gap, a loophole would immediately appear in their attacks.

Once they were caught by the other party, they could easily tear open a crack in their formation.

Evidently, Specter College was very familiar with this kind of formation, and their mutual cooperation was quite good.

The Flaming Red Squad retreated out of their attack range.

Zhanye narrowed his eyes and looked at the circular formation on the opposite side.

“Do you want to go first, or should I go first” Shile stood beside Zhanye, his eyes shining with confidence.

“Me first.” As soon as Zhanyes words fell to the ground, his tall figure rushed towards the students of Specter College.

Seeing that the other party finally made a move, the attacks of the Specter College began to be launched rapidly.

Death energy attacks continuously flew out, covering almost all directions.

However, Zhanye was as fast as a bolt of lightning, constantly shuttling back and forth between all kinds of dense attacks.

The rain-like dense attacks frightened others, but what was shocking was that Zhanye could completely avoid these attacks without being injured at all.

What was even more surprising was that Zhanye seemed to have no intention of attacking at all.

He just kept running around the protective circle of the Specter College, frequently dodging the attacks that brushed past him.

“Zhanye is very smart.

It seems that they have found the opponents weakness.” Shen Yanxiao sat in the stands with her arms crossed over her chest and a smile on her lips as she watched the match.

“Weakness” Taotie tilted his head, his handsome face full of doubts.

As a foodie with explosive fighting strength, the way Taotie fought was very simple and crude.

He would either swallow the other party in one bite or directly crush them with his huge body.

He really knew nothing about tactics.

Shen Yanxiao explained with a smile, “Although the formation of the Specter College team seems perfect, the requirements to form this formation are extremely high.

Even though the students are working together well, their death energy cant support this kind of attack at all if they want to maintain it.

If it were replaced by trained adult undead, it might be a little tricky, but they are just a group of students.

The amount of death energy they have is limited.

What Zhanye is doing now is consuming their death energy.

When their death energy is exhausted, they will become turtles in a jar.”

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