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The middle-aged man was flabbergasted, but Shen Yanxiao already drew the bow, and a faint purple radiance shrouded the bow once again.

As she released her fingers, the dark grey arrow transformed into a streak of dark shadow with a soft purple glow and shot toward the target like a lightning bolt!

At the huge shooting range, one could only hear a crisp sound as the arrow penetrated the target and then lodged itself into the wall behind it.

“How is this possible!” The middle-aged man looked at the scene in shock.

He knew all about the targets in Great Master Duans shooting range, and they were all made with steel wood.

Even someone with powerful archery skills could not shoot through those solid targets, let alone someone with only the skillset of a beginner.

However, something impossible had happened right in front of his eyes.

The arrow did not only punch through the target, but half of the arrow was even stuck in the wall, as well.

Exactly how powerful was that force!

The middle-aged man no longer looked at Shen Yanxiao with regret.

Instead, he could not remove the shock in his eyes.

The young kid could not even get the basic posture right, and yet his arrow could strike the bulls eye and pierce through the target to hit the wall.

Even though the arrows strength could have been the effect of the firmament wood, but it was hard to achieve such accuracy, especially for a beginner.

“Haha! Great! Excellent! Little kid, it seems like this bow is exclusively yours!” Great Master Duan excitedly puffed more smoke from his pipe.

The wrinkles on his face folded as he smiled.

Shen Yanxiao was also dumbstruck.

She did not expect to get such extraordinary effect from that one shot, and how was that a bow and arrow That was almost like an AK47!

Even in modern times, how many people had seen an arrow penetrated a target that was customized for shooting The arrow even got lodged in the wall!

If the training area was not an underground space where it was surrounded by soil, the arrow might have broken through the wall and then continued to fly further than that.

Shen Yanxiaos impression of the world was refreshed once again.

“Little kid, it looks like youve not learned archery before” The middle-aged man could no longer contain his surprise and immediately walked toward Shen Yanxiao.

He could tell that the kid imitated his posture, and that was why she looked awkward as she did it.

She even made mistakes with how she drew the bow.

Someone with basic training would never have made those mistakes.

If one were to become an archer, they would first need to learn the basic posture of shooting an arrow.

An archer could only be as steady as Mt Tai if they had an accurate and solid foundation.

Shen Yanxiao nodded honestly.

Then, the middle-aged took a deep breath and said, “Would you like to develop your skills as an archer in the future”

“Maybe.” Shen Yanxiao shot a glance at Great Master Duan, who smiled like a fox as she answered the man ambiguously.

The middle-aged man continued to ask her, “What is the rank of your battle aura” Even though the little kid had terrible posture, his accuracy proved that he was an excellent seedling for an archer! When he broke through the sixth rank in the battle aura, and if he were nurtured well, he would have a bright future as an archer.

“The sixth rank,” Shen Yanxiao answered conservatively.

The man was stunned.

He assessed the kid again, and he appeared to be thirteen or fourteen years old, at most.

The little kid had broken through the sixth rank at such a young age

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