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Chapter 2052: Finals (2)Translator: Henyee Translations  Editor: Henyee Translations

Five days passed quietly.

The Royal Academy students simply wanted to cry.

They had finally been rescued from endless suffering.

The members of the Flaming Red Squad also wanted to cry.

They could finally end their corrupt days and have a good fight.

The last match of the selection competition could be said to be the most anticipated match.

Before it was time for the competition, the entire venue was packed with people.


The teams from both academies had to break through layers of encirclement before they could squeeze into the venue.

After five days of completely different lives, there was an extreme contrast between the two teams.

The Royal Academy students all looked haggard.

The panda eyes under their eyes could not even be covered up by their gray skin.

As for the members of the Flaming Red Squad, all of them had rosy and lustrous complexions, and their whole body was brimming with fighting strength.

As soon as the two teams stood together, it formed a huge contrast.

Such a contrast exceeded the expectations of the audience.

In the Howling Abyss, everyone knew that the best academy must be the Royal Academy.

The students there all had deep backgrounds and were extremely talented.

Moreover, the mentors of the academy were all elites among elites.

There was also Master Nock overseeing the academy.

It was absolutely the number one academy in the Howling Abyss.

Any one of the students there was as tough as a bull.

Coupled with the Royal Academys ferocity in the previous matches, everyone felt that their chances of winning were higher.


How come in only five days, a group of valiant and spirited genius teenagers had become frost-beaten eggplants

Look at those little faces.

They looked as haggard as they could be.

Were they there to compete

No matter how the audience looked at it, they felt that the Royal Academy students seemed to have been severely abused.

Even though their clothes were neat and their hairstyle was meticulous, their haggard eyes made ones heart ache.

Then, they looked at the Flaming Red Squad on one side.

Each and every one of them was in high spirits and had an imposing appearance.

Their momentum was even higher than five days ago.

This strong contrast stimulated the eyeballs of every audience member.

Sitting in the audience seats, Luoqiu kept hearing the comments of other undeads about the state of the two teams.

He arrogantly crossed his arms over his chest with a disapproving expression.

He knew better than anyone else that he had increased the intensity of the Royal Academys training for the past five days.

How could these stupid audience members understand the deep thought that went into their training regiment

What was the glory on the surface

Only with real strength could they win!

Luoqiu was also very clear about the schedule of the Flaming Red Squad for the past five days.

He did not think at all that such a team that constantly played around could beat his carefully built team.

In Luoqius heart, he had never acknowledged Shen Yanxiaos strength.

The reason why he was forced to leave before was entirely due to the incompetence of his students.

Shen Yanxiao was a blind cat that encountered a dead mouse and was lucky.

Right now, the students under him were the top group in the entire Howling Abyss.

They could completely utilize his exquisite educational skills to the extreme.

Luoqiu could not wait to see the Royal Academy students unilaterally beating up the Flaming Red Squad.

The match was about to start, and a dragon carriage pulled by eight bone dragons appeared in the sky.

The entire venue fell into silence.

The Undead Lord once again came to the venue to witness the fight between undead teenagers!

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