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Chapter 2054: Finals (4)Translator: Henyee Translations  Editor: Henyee Translations

Their defeat could no longer be reversed.

The Royal Academy team dragged their exhausted bodies and could not fight against the Flaming Red Squad at all.

Who would have thought that the Flaming Red Squad, which was not their opponent not long ago, could one day become an opponent they could not handle

The Royal Academy students felt extremely frustrated in their hearts.

They could only brace themselves and endure.

But with the passage of time, the students of the Royal Academy could no longer hold on.

More and more students fell.

On the whole stage, only Fengling still had great fighting power.

It was also because of Fenglings attacks that several members of the Flaming Red Squad had fallen.


However, this could no longer change the situation.

As the number of Royal Academy students on the stage decreased, the victory of the Flaming Red Squad was in sight.

“Zhanye, that kid is too ruthless.

Ill take care of him.” Shile pulled himself out of the match and came to Zhanyes side.

This match had been fought to his hearts content.

At the thought that the Royal Academy students who had once suppressed them were now being suppressed by them, Shile was so excited that he forgot himself.

However, Fenglings fighting strength was still very high.

If Fengling were not put in place as soon as possible, the number of casualties on their side would continue to increase.

“Ill go.” Zhanye frowned and immediately rushed to Fengling.

Fengling, who had just taken down a member of the Flaming Red Squad, suddenly felt a figure rushing towards him.

He immediately dodged sideways.

It was Zhanye.

“Ill play with you.” Zhanye assumed a fighting posture.

Fengling narrowed his eyes.

His condition was not very good, but his physical quality was far better than that of other students, allowing him to barely preserve some fighting strength.

Zhanyes growth far exceeded Fenglings expectations.

If Fengling were at his peak, he might have had the confidence to suppress Zhanye, but now he didnt have that confidence.

Two equally outstanding youths started an intense battle on the stage.

Any teenager who wanted to interfere in their fight would be affected by their attacks.

Soon, the space around them was emptied.

Fengling fought by instantly releasing death energy attacks.

While shortening the time to condense death energy, he could also ensure that he would not be knocked down by Zhanyes rapid attacks.

In the audience stand, Shen Yanxiao, in disguise, stared at Fengling with a trace of interest.

Taotie looked at Shen Yanxiao strangely.

Throughout the match, Shen Yanxiao seemed to lack interest.

Only when she saw Fengling fighting Zhanye did she reveal such an expression.

“Master, whats so special about that guy” Taotie could not help but ask.

Shen Yanxiao smiled and patted the back of Taoties head.

“You cant tell”

“Tell what” Taotie tilted his head, his head full of question marks.

Shen Yanxiao chuckled.

“Forget it if you cant tell.

I think Zhanye will soon find something unusual.”

On the stage, the fight between Zhanye and Fengling continued.

Zhanye, who mainly focused on fast attacks, seized an opportunity and directly stuck himself in front of Fengling.

Suddenly, he stretched out his hand and punched Fenglings chest.

Fenglings whole person flew out when he was suddenly punched in the chest.

But the moment Fengling fell, Zhanye seemed to be fixed in place.

There was no joy on his face at all.

Instead, he stared at Fenglings falling figure in astonishment with his body still in the same posture as before.

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