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Chapter 2078: Yaksha (2)Translator: Henyee Translations  Editor: Henyee Translations

Yaksha was defeated by Di Xiu, and the latter succeeded as Asura, the War God.

Di Xiu climbed to the peak of the God race, and the defeated Yaksha suddenly disappeared.

There was once a legend among the gods that without Di Xiu, Yaksha would become the strongest god under the Lord God.

However, it was precisely because of Di Xiu that countless powerful superior gods of the god race were suppressed, including the Dragon God and Yaksha.

They were powerful, but Di Xius strength had completely overwhelmed them.


Di Xiu could already fight Satan.

It must be known that before the emergence of Di Xiu, the previous War Gods were not Satans opponents.

Satan and the Lord God came to this world together.

Before Di Xiu took the position of War God, no superior god could defeat him except the Lord God.

Di Xiu was the strongest among all the gods.

It was also because of him in the last war between gods and devils that they could defeat the alliance between devils and undeads after the Lord God disappeared.

Without Di Xiu to fight against Satan, they would have long been wiped out.

Yaksha, who was slightly inferior to Di Xiu, was naturally not weak.

After Yaksha was defeated, he suddenly disappeared.

The whole God race was asking around about his whereabouts, but no one could be sure where he went.

The Dragon God did not expect that the Undead Lord was Yaksha!

And Yaksha becoming the Undead Lord was actually arranged by the Lord God!

It had been a long time since Di Xiu succeeded the War God.

At that time, the Dragon God had yet to be born in the Qianlong Continent.

He had never seen Yaksha at all, let alone associate this powerful god with the Undead Lord.

When the Dragon God became a superior god, the Undead race had become one of the most unpopular races.

The Dragon God still remembered that when the Lord God mentioned the Undead race, his expression was always very complicated.

Many superior gods had proposed to send troops to dispose of the Undead race, but the Lord God had never allowed it.

The Dragon God did not understand this reason before, but now it seemed that the answer was obvious.

The Undead Lord was the leader chosen by the Lord God himself for the Undead race, but no one knew what happened later that led to the current situation of the race.

The Undead Lord vented his anger and disappointment.

Because of the arrangement of the Lord God, he willingly gave up his noble status as a superior god.

Because of the arrangement of the Lord God, he was willing to be reduced to an undead without a heartbeat.

But in the end, he got nothing.

Not long afterwards, he was completely abandoned by the Lord God in the Howling Abyss and could no longer get any news from the Lord God.

He had no idea what he was going to do.

He could only wait bitterly for the Lord Gods next instructions to arrive.

But after waiting for a long time, there was still no news.

Yakshas heart fell into an icehouse bit by bit.

Ultimately, he became the real Undead Lord and led the Undead race to stand in the camp of the devils.

“Di Xiu… No, I should call you Asura.

Looking at the current me, are you particularly disgusted Haha! The former superior god has been reduced to an undead! Haha! Is there anything more ridiculous than this” Yaksha roared at Xiu, shouting out the tens of millions of years of injustice and grievances.

Xiu just quietly looked at Yaksha, who was venting his anger and grievances, and gave no response.

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