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As the name implied, the first match was fixed target archery.

Wan Li and Shen Yanxiao would attempt to shoot ten arrows at a fixed target placed about a hundred meters away.

The one who could hit more bulls eye would win the round.

That match was the most familiar segment amongst the students in the Archer Division.

They practiced the fixed target archery daily, and there was not much to see about the challenge except for ones accuracy.

Even students from the red class could hit five to six bulls eyes.

However, students from the violet class must hit nine and above if they were to meet the class standard requirement.

Both Wan Li and Shen Yanxiao stood at their respective positions.

Wan Li held a revolving wood bow that he had purchased at Lianjin Weapon Shop.

It had a fifth-ranked magical core embedded in it.

It was still a very good bow even though it was not the best one in the market.

The Clemance that Shen Yanxiao held in her hands was very low-profile when compared to Wan Lis dazzling bow.

No one even noticed its existence.

Due to the rumors about thethree-million-gold-coin price tag, many students gazes centered on Clemance.

No one believed that the rumored priceless bow would look like that.

Not only did it look dull, but the entire bow was also bare.

It did not have a single magical core in it.

It was clearly an incomplete weapon; it was not equipped with any magical cores.

No one could believe that Shen Yanxiao brought an incomplete weapon to participate in a challenge.

Was it a joke to her

Weapons with and without magical cores had a massive gap in their strengths and abilities.

Otherwise, magical cores would not have fetched such high prices in the market.

No matter how much that bow cost, it was incomparable to the other weapons that had magical cores embedded in it.

Everyone assumed that Shen Yanxiao wanted to smash the pot because it was already cracked.

Since she was doomed to lose, it did not matter if she used an incomplete weapon or the three-million-gold-coin bow.

Wan Li glanced at Shen Yanxiao and took the lead to lift his bow.

He nocked the arrows on his bowstring, focused, and shot at the direction of the target.

Like a lightning bolt, the rapid arrow struck the bulls eye in the blink of an eye.

“Beautiful!” Students of the Archer Division were amazed by Wan Lis perfect posture and accuracy.

They could even use his display of skills as teaching material at the academy.

Even Xie Yun could not find a single flaw with his posture.

Everything was so perfect that he sighed.

Wan Li released four arrows consecutively, and all of those arrows hit the bulls eye every single time.

The four arrows were inseparably close, and not one broke away from the red circle.

On the other side of the field, Shen Yanxiao had not made a single move.

Not even when Wan Li shot all ten of his arrows, and all of them were at the dead center of the target.

So he ended up with the perfect result.

Wan Li looked at Shen Yanxiao with a smug expression as he was delighted with his performance.

However, he noticed that she had not fired a single shot.

She merely held her bow and looked at his direction.

“Why Are you afraid” Wan Li sneered.

He had heard some news about Shen Yanxiao a few days ago.

He found out that the brat only arrived at Archer Division that week, and he had not even completed seven days of lessons yet.

For a beginner like him, it would have been pretty good if his arrows could hit the target, let alone ten bulls eyes.

Shen Yanxiao quirked her eyebrows and lifted Clemance.

She grabbed a bunch of arrows with her right hand and nocked them uniformly on the bowstring.

“What is this little kid doing” Everyone was startled to see Shen Yanxiaos ridiculous behavior as they could not comprehend it.

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