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“Dont tell me that hes planning to release all ten arrows at once Is he crazy”

Even if he was doomed to lose, he should not have abandoned himself in such despair!!

No one understood Shen Yanxiaos eccentricity, and even Xie Yuen started to sweat.

Everyone mocked him from both sides of the field, but Shen Yanxiao ignored them.

She quietly reflected the disturbance in her surroundings.

She focused on her bow, and the dull-looking Clemance suddenly radiated a faint purple light.

One could only hear the sound of an arrow as it whooshed toward the target in a silver streak of light.

Not a second later, a second streak of light chased after the tail of the first arrow at extraordinary speed.

The third, the fourth, and the fifth arrow followed through.

The silver streaks of light looked as if they traveled at the same time as the intervals between them were so short.

The spectators did not even have the time to react to them.

They only managed to see ten streaks of light as they flew toward the target, and the minimal space between them looks as though the arrows had merged into one just as they neared the target!




Ten crisp whooshes echoed throughout the shooting range almost at the same time.

No one knew what went on until the last arrow struck the target.

Only then did they look toward the target hesitatingly.

They saw nineteen arrows on the target, which was about a hundred-meter away!

The arrows formed a horizontal straight line and split the red target into two halves.

“Why are there nineteen arrows…” Everyone was puzzled.

They saw the ten arrows in Shen Yanxiaos hands, but where did the other nine arrows come from

Wan Li gaped at Shen Yanxiaos target in shock.

Every single arrow hit the bulls eye, and it appeared that she was equally-matched with him in terms of accuracy.

How was that possible!

“You cheated!” Wan Li immediately glared at Shen Yanxiao.

It was a match with only ten arrows, but somehow, there were nineteen arrows on the target.

Therefore, there was no doubt that Shen Yanxiao cheated!

Shen Yanxiao raised her eyebrows and shot a sideways glance at the furious Wan Li as she sneered.


“You!” Wan Li was infuriated.

He wanted to dash over to her to make his argument, but Xie Yun chose to speak at that exact moment.

“He did not cheat.

He did only use ten arrows.” Xie Yun had an odd expression on his face.

His gaze skipped over Wan Li and locked onto Shen Yanxiao.

He also had his doubts when he saw the target.

However, he finally understood what had happened when he took a closer look.

“But!” Wan Li wanted to continue to make his point but Xie Yun interrupted him, “Say no more.

Youll understand when you take a look at Xiao Yans target.”

As soon as Xie Yun finished his sentence, a quick-thinking student immediately ran to the far end of the shooting range to retrieve Shen Yanxiaos target board.

The student had an ugly expression on his face.

The board was placed in front of everyone, and everyone gasped when they saw the nineteen arrows on the target board.

The first nine arrows were split right in the middle, and the last intact arrow was in the center of the board.

That was why there were nineteen arrows.

The eighteen split arrows also formed a horizontal straight line!

Shen Yanxiao did not cheat.

She merely utilized her skills to turn the initial ten arrows in nineteen arrows.

That skill alone had left the entire Archer Division in an uproar!

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