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“You… how did you manage to accomplish this feat” Xie Yun could barely contain his excitement as he impatiently questioned Shen Yanxiao on what she did.

Shen Yanxiao did not bother to explain in words.

Instead, she took another two arrows and nocked them onto her bowstring.

Her fingers pulled the bowstring and then released them in the blink of an eye.

However, Shen Yanxiao managed to decrease her speed slightly so that everyone could witness the scene.

When the first arrow struck the target, the second arrow split it in half the next second.

Once again, gasps could be heard around the shooting range!

Her ability to control her skills was so powerful! Her accuracy was frighteningly amazing, as well! When compared to a target that was the size of half a palm, the ability to split an arrow less than the size of a finger was even more shocking! Was that even something an ordinary person could do

Everyones gaze turned from mocking to ones of horror! Even Meng Yiheng, the top student in the Archer Division, would find that feat hard to accomplish, let alone Wan Li!

Furthermore, she released ten arrows almost at the same time, so how fast were her hands that there was hardly any interval time between each arrow Also, how accurate was her judgment, that she could make ten arrows speed up in succession to merge at the very last instance

The Archer Divisions students felt as though their foundation had been shaken.

Was it possible for human beings to accomplish such an abnormal feat

Why did he have to be so abnormal!

Which bastard said that the kid was a rookie who had only enrolled for less than seven days Could a rookie have improved to such a shocking extent after only seven days of lessons!

If that was the case, then how would the genius Meng Yiheng compare

Wan Lis expression darkened.

He would never have expected that the seemingly defenseless kid that he provoked could demonstrate such skills that shocked the entire crowd.

He could not even release two arrows within such a short span of time, let alone ten arrows!

“Beautiful!” Xie Yun looked at Shen Yanxiao with great excitement.

He knew that the kid was extremely talented, but he did not realize that it was to such an extent.

Probably only one or two teachers in the entire Saint Laurent Academy could achieve what she did, let alone mere students.

No one knew better than Xie Yun about the kids novice beginnings or that he could not even shoot an arrow with the correct posture just five days ago.

However, she really did surprise him with her display of skills after only five days.

Xie Yun was thankful that he had managed to smuggle the extraordinarily-talented kid into the Archer Division.

With the kids talent, would he still need to worry about the Archers Division when they compete against the Magus Division

Shen Yanxiao shrugged her shoulders.

She did not think that it was such a difficult challenge when she released those ten arrows.

She had used her magic to lock onto the target and then used her trained nimble hands to easily perform the feat that everyone thought was impossible to achieve.

It was merely a small trick, so why did all those people look so dumbstruck

Shen Yanxiao did not realize that she had shocked the entire crowd.

She did not care much about the looks of dismay on everyone elses expression, but rather, she cared more about…

“Teacher Xie Yun, who is the winner of this match” Shen Yanxiao asked as she ignored the many passionate gazes around her.

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