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Even though he felt that it was unfair for him to be in that predicament, Tang Nazhi remembered his initial plans to ride on ones coattails.

Shen Yanxiao knew about Tang Nazhis little scheme like the back of her hand, so she knew that he had wanted her advice.

She thought that the herbalism classes were quite easy for her.

Most of the time, she only needed to view the production process of the potion, and she would immediately understand it.

As for her talents, she credited that to the original owner of her body, who must have inherited her mothers talents.

Her studies in the Archer Division were on track, so she did not have to work as hard as she previously did.

That was why Shen Yanxiao reluctantly agreed to Tang Nazhis request.

“Ha! I knew that youre the most loyal person.

When I pass this obstacle, I will buy you an azure crystal potion set.” Tang Nazhi was in a good mood, so he was not above giving gifts as a gesture of gratitude.

The azure crystal potion set was an apparatus that herbalists used to produce potion.

Not only could it increase the effects of the potion, but it could also enhance its stability.

It was an object treasured by all herbalists.

One tube would cost at least a hundred gold coins, and the whole set would set one back around ten thousand gold coins.

“Have you struck the lottery” Shen Yanxiao glanced at the generous Tang Nazhi.

“Do you not remember about the good show at the Archer Division a few days ago I told you to come with us, but you didnt want to.

Qi Xia started a bet, and he managed to rake a huge sum of gold for us.”

“…” That group of beasts actually used her challenge as a gambling party!

Shen Yanxiao discreetly looked down on those four beasts.

“Alright, its getting late, and I have something to do in the afternoon.

Ill tutor you tomorrow evening instead.” Shen Yanxiao sighed and stood up as she prepared to leave.

“Speaking of which, what are you busy with these days Youre acting so secretive.” Tang Nazhi propped his chin and looked at Shen Yanxiao.

“Its a secret.” As she said that, Shen Yanxiao left and did not turn back.

As she passed through the gates at the entrance of the Herbalist Division, Shen Yanxiao slipped into a storage room.

While she was in there, she took off her Herbalist Divisions badge and then replaced it with the Archer Divisions badge.

The most significant benefit of her entering the violent class in the Archers Division was that she did not have to change her clothes.

All the divisions had the same uniforms, and the only difference was the badge pinned on their chest.

“Try out for that competition.” Just as Shen Yanxiao was about to put on the disguise mask, Xius voice suddenly echoed in her mind.

“What do you mean” Shen Yanxiao questioned Xiu as she changed into the disguise mask.

She thought of the competition as a stage for some students to compete for fame.

The rewards for the competition were quite the sham too.

Why would one need a deserted land filled with demons

“Ive mentioned it before.

I have to devour demonic cores to recover my strength.

Of course, this is the last resort.

If you can find a batch of live demons, the evil aura that they radiate is more effective than the demonic cores.” Xiu was usually quiet, but when he spoke, it was something important and meaningful.

Shen Yanxiao was speechless when she heard that.

To find a batch of live demons

Did that not mean she had to restrain a group of demons

“Of course, if you can find some high-level demons, then Id have a faster recovery time.

Id be able to undo your seal sooner too.” Xiu did not think there was anything wrong with his suggestion.

“High-level demons… Are you sure we can keep them in captivity, and not feed me to them in the process” Shen Yanxiaos lips twitched.

Even though she was tempted to get her seal undone sooner, she thought that her life was essential too!

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