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Xiu did not give her a reply immediately.

It was as if he was trying to observe the surroundings.

A few moments later, Xius angry voice echoed in her mind.

“Leave right now.

Dont stay here any longer.”

“Whats wrong” Shen Yanxiao was slightly shocked by his answer.

Could there be a danger at the Warlock Tower that night

“Someone had cast perception magic here, and you might have very well activated it when you entered the area.” Xius voice was full of annoyance.

He had put too much trust in Shen Yanxiao, and thus he was not always on guard with their surroundings.

That was why he did not expect that someone would lay high-level perception magic in that empty Warlock Tower.

Shen Yanxiao was unfamiliar with magic, so she could not have noticed the existence of magic there.

Luckily, her vigilance led her to suspect that something was amiss.

Shen Yanxiao did not hesitate to leave the compound.

However, she was still a little too late.

Hundreds of light crystals suddenly lit up both sides of the Warlock Tower, and it was suddenly illuminated in brightness.

Shen Yanxiao immediately turned and hid within the buildings crevice, but she was very annoyed.

Damned magic!

Under the illumination of the crystal lights, a slender figure slowly appeared from the entrance of the tower.

“Its Ouyang Huanyu!” Shen Yanxiao immediately recognized the person, and that realization almost suffocated her.

She had an ominous premonition.

Ouyang Huanyu was probably there to wait for her appearance!

She would have noticed it sooner if she was more familiar with magic!

The intangible magic was Shen Yanxiaos greatest weakness.

Regardless of how skilled she was in thievery, it was hard to guard against magic that she knew nothing about.

Ouyang Huanyu stood there with his hands behind him.

He walked with confidence, and his perceptive eyes swept across both sides of the building.

He wore no expression on his face.

Even though he did not take a step further, he stood in front of the statue and blocked the sole exit of the Warlock Tower.

“He came prepared.

The perception magic is sent to the caster the moment it is activated.

He must be aware of your location now, so why is he not closing in” Xiu kept his eye on Ouyang Huanyus every single movement.

He was the sole Great Archmagus in the Longxuan Empire, but unless Xiu fell directly into his trap, Ouyang Huanyu would not have had the strength to discover him at all.

“I was careless.”

“What does he want” Shen Yanxiao did not blame Xiu.

Ouyang Huanyu was one of the strongest few in the Brilliance Continent.

Even though Xiu was illegible, he was in a soul state.

He also resided in his body, so he was greatly restricted in every aspect.

Xiu was already very amazing that he could detect the perception magic that Ouyang Huanyu had laid out.

“I do not know, but with your current strength and the effects of the perception magic, it would be impossible for you to escape it.” If he had his previous strength, he would not even have bothered about a Great Archmagus.

That was why he did not expect to be tricked by a Great Archmagus.

Xiu was extremely depressed about the situation.

Shen Yanxiao gritted her teeth.

Ouyang Huanyu was there because of the curse that she had cast during the test.

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