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“You may leave now.

I have things to discuss with my student.” Yun Qi looked straight at Ouyang Huanyu as he guarded himself against the deans next probably actions.

Ouyang Huanyu smiled and said, “Rest assured.

I will leave after I finish what I came here for.”

“What other matters do you have” Yun Qi dared not act recklessly.

He knew that the young man that Ouyang Huanyu had discovered was probably the student who kept his sheepskin book.

The path of a warlock was an obsolete one, so he would never allow anyone to harm a child who had just stumbled upon that path.

Ouyang Huany seemed to be in deep thoughts before he looked at Yun Qi and slowly said, “In half a year, students from the entire Longxuan Empire would participate in a competition.

The Saint Laurent Academy will be sending one or two students per division to compete as well.

Since there is now a student in the Warlock Division, then they must also join the competition this year.”

“Was that a joke” Yun Qi looked at Ouyang Huanyu in disbelief.

How could warlocks appear in public with how everyone in the Brilliance Continent viewed them

“You know that the Brilliance Continent would never accept warlocks…”

“Why not” Ouyang Huanyu quirked his eyebrows.

“Rather viewing it as a risk, why dont you see this as an opportunity If your student can defeat all the talented students in the Longxuan Empire, wont that be a great occasion Dont you want to strive for a chance for the warlocks to stand on the stage again, instead of letting the path become obsolete The winner of this competition will get the Emperors permission to claim territory in the Forsaken Land.

If your student can prevail over the demons and establish themselves in a dangerous land, dont you think that the ignorant people would reconsider the existence of warlocks”

Ouyang Huanyu presented an extremely tempting bait.

The people opposed the warlocks because of the sudden use of the forbidden curses a long time ago.

If warlocks joined the challenge at the Forsaken Land, they could use their strength without any fear of retaliation as they would do that in the absence of a crowd.

The empire would also be able to eradicate the demons with the warlocks power.

They should be able to reverse the predicament that the warlocks were in then.

If that warlock apprentice could establish themselves in the Forsaken Land, then the warlocks everywhere might possibly have a new future.

“Are you sure those idiots wont just arrest my student” Yun Qi had subconsciously regarded that unknown person as his student and cared about them in all aspects.

“I shall give you my promise as the dean of Saint Laurent Academy, as long as they have the ability to stand on that stage, I will make them accept their existence.

Even if they are not the final victor, I will still guarantee their safe return to the academy.” Ouyang Huanyu guaranteed the stakes with his reputation.

Yun Qi could not refrain from trusting his words, even just a little bit.

“If you can accomplish what you promised, then I will definitely nurture that child with my lifelong knowledge.

But I want you to promise me that you wont investigate that child before the competition.

I do not want them to feel threatened as they progress.”

Yun Qi had forgotten how many years it had been since he had seen a new warlock there.

The young man who ventured into the Warlock Division was his last hope.

“You have my promise.” Ouyang Huanyu smiled.

Yun Qis answer was undoubtedly the best guarantee.

He anticipated seeing how the student would advance under Yun Qis tutelage.

Furthermore, what kind of waves would the new warlock set off in the Brilliance Continent

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