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No one understood the sorrow in his heart.

No one realized the despair he felt as he watched the path of the warlocks fell into desolation.

He had seen how his former disciples in the Brilliance Continents army struggled during the war, and one by one, he had seen them collapsed.

He also witnessed how the bustling Warlock Division became an empty building as its students changed their paths and joined the Magus Division.

It was then that his heart died, and he gave up all hopes.

When he saw how the warlocks were suppressed, he had no choice but to believe that everyone in the Brilliance Continent had given up on warlocks, and the gods had also abandoned them.

For countless of nights, he had guarded the Warlock Tower alone.

He had to rely on his last trace of faith and painstakingly prevented the Warlock Division from closure.

He also guarded the books in the tower, in case someone were to burn them.

He waited and waited, and he longed for the day when the warlocks would make a comeback.

He wished for someone to stand at the peak of Brilliance Continent to display a mark that represented warlock to the entire world.

That moment had finally come.

“The heavens did not abandon the warlocks!” Yun Qi choked.

He had waited for so many years, and he could finally see a glimmer of hope that day.

“Kid, you are meant to be a warlock.

Do not worry.

I will try my best to teach you everything I know.

I can only hope that you will be the greatest warlock in the future.”

Shen Yanxiao looked at Yun Qi with complicated emotions.

It was probably because she felt the same way that Yun Qi did too.

She had been to the Warlock Division discreetly for so many times, and she realized that without the old mans persistence, the Warlock Division would have been removed from the Saint Laurent Academy.

Even though she wanted to be a warlock, she knew that it would be a difficult path.

“I will try my best.” Shen Yanxiao acknowledged Yun Qis excitement.

She thought about how the people would view the warlocks after their reemergence, and that stirred the passion deep within her.

The warlocks had done nothing wrong.

Instead, the world had been ignorant.

“Great, that is great…” Yun Qi wiped the tears in his eyes and hid the feelings that he felt.

“Oh, right, what is your name If you do not feel comfortable enough to reveal it, thats okay too.

I hope you know that you can trust this old man.

I may not be the good guy, but no one will able to hurt you as long as I, Yun Qi, is alive.” He was old, and he was not sure how long he could live, but the knight in front of him was his only hope.

If she won the competition that was due in half a year, then she would get a piece of land in the Brilliance Continent.

The Warlocks Division would then have the chance to rise again.

Shen Yanxiao was shocked by Yun Qis vow.

She had not seen such a person who had only one conviction, and that was a vow to protect a stranger.

He did not even know her, and yet he was willing to go that far to protect her because she was a warlock

The oaths the people made in that world were very much different than the promises in the world from her previous life.

The people in that new world had principles, and their oaths were vital to them.

They would rather die than to apologize if they failed to keep their vows.

Even though it was a rather extreme world, it held the beliefs and honor that the people in her old world had abandoned.

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