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“They could summon phantom beasts, and their magical power would transform into a weird illusion power that no one would be able to detect on normal occasions.

As long as the Summoner wills it, he could prevent anyone from investigating him,” Xiu said with a sigh.

If there was one thing that could render him helpless, it was the mysterious illusion power that the Summoners possessed.

Shen Yanxiao was speechless.

It looked like a Summoner was indeed very powerful that even Xiu would sing praises of them.

Even though Ouyang Huanyu was a Great Archmagus, Xiu had never praised him.

Yun Qi got Shen Yanxiao to cast a few other curses that she had learned, and she did those with perfection.

However, she was exhausted after the fourth curse, and her breathing labored.

Yun Qi immediately noticed that, and he frowned.

“You are talented, and you have a good grasp of perception, but you lacked foundation.

Even though you can rely on your talents and comprehension to understand the essence of these high-grade curses, you lack the magical power to handle too many combination curses.

With your current state, you are already at your limit with four second-grade combination curses, two if they are fourth-grade and above.

Im afraid it will greatly affect your mind if you exceed those limits.”

Shen Yanxiao stuck her tongue out.

She had cast the Enervation curse and the Illusion Construct curse during the test, and it was fortunate that she did not cast another one.

She did not think that she could bear it if that damaged her mind.

“Do no be in a rush to learn the advanced curses.

Your main objective right now should be to lay a solid foundation and to purify your magic.

Otherwise, even if you managed to learn hundreds of high-grade curses, wont it be a waste of time because you will only be able to cast two of those” Yun Qi guided her with care.

Shen Yanxiao might be excellent in all aspects of her training, but she had only limited exposure to curses.

It was still a great success that she could reach the standard that she was in at that time.

“Your skills in curses have reached the ninth-level, but your magic is barely at the seventh-level.” Knowledge about curses were only fleeting clouds if one did not have the magic to support it.

Shen Yanxiao nodded.

If the mishap did not happen that day, she would not even be concerned about those things.

Yun Qi was a Great Summoner, and thus his attainments far exceeded Shen Yanxiaos.

A random pointer from him would definitely benefit her greatly.

“However, there is no need to fret.

It is already a great accomplishment for someone your age to have reached the seventh-level.

You wont even have to worry about the rest if you are willing to work hard.” The wordgenius was hardly sufficient to describe a thirteen-year-old intermediate warlock.

Yun Qi recalled the day when he became an intermediate warlock.

How awe-inspiring was that moment when the whole world knew of his name If the warlocks were not in such desolation, Shen Yanxiaos strength would probably shock the entire Brilliant Continent as well.

What would Yun Qi think of Shen Yanxiao if he had known that she became an intermediate warlock in just a short span of four months after she started to practice magic

Would he freeze like a statue if he were to learn that she was not only an intermediate warlock, but she was also an intermediate archer as well

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