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She did not dare to neglect her studies in any of the three divisions precisely because of that.

Yun Qis forlorn expression from that day lingered in her mind.

Even though she did not have any goals or any sense of belonging in the world, she treasured those who cared or shown any concern for her.

It was not something that she had ever experienced in her past life.

It did not matter if it was Shen Feng, or Shen Siyu, or even Yun Qi; she knew that their care, concern, and protection came from their hearts and without any ulterior motives.

As a thief, she had experienced the coldness of society, and she had seen the ugly side of human beings.

Those people would even turn against their friends and family for fame and fortune.

She only wished to protect the care that they had shown her with her life.

Even though a thief was selfish and crafty, they had soft spots too, and those three were the ones she kept in her heart.

Therefore, she wanted to help Yun Qi to achieve his wishes regardless of any obstacles, and at the same time, she could complete the task that Xiu had for her too.

“Im fine.” Shen Yanxiao spat out the apple with great difficulty as she did not know how to deal with Tang Nazhi.

“Haha.” With a fake smile, Tang Nazhi grabbed the apple from her.

He ignored her resistance and patiently cut the apple into smaller pieces before he stuffed them into her mouth again.

“…” Even though she was a patient, he should not just ignore her wishes like that!

“It looks like our young master from the Black Tortoise Family is quite adept in caring for others.” A voice spoke at the entrance of their dorm room.

Qi Xia leaned lazily against the door frame as he looked at the warm-hearted scene with a fox-like smile.

Yan Yu and Yang Xi were also there, and they stood behind Qi Xia.

“Why are you so free for a visit today” Tang Nazhi ignored Qi Xias mocking words and continued to feed Shen Yanxiao.

“I bumped into your roommate before the classes start this morning, and he told me that Little Jue is sick.

So, were here to express our concern.” Qi Xia shrugged his shoulders and then walked into the room.

Shen Yanxiao was speechless, but she looked up all the same.

If she remembered correctly, all of them were supposed to be in their respective classes.

Was it alright for them to skip their lessons so blatantly

“Little Jue, your physique has always been so fragile and weak, and yet you do not take better care of yourself.” Qi Xia sat on Shen Yanxiaos bed and laid down beside her without any reservation.

His handsome face nearly banged against her nose.

She gasped when the handsome fellow suddenly appeared beside her, and she nearly choked on the apple in her mouth.

“Let me see.” A faint smile surfaced on Yan Yus pale face.

Then he walked toward Shen Yanxiaos side to check on her condition.

“Ah Yu is from the White Tiger Family, and he is much more reliable than our schools doctors,” Qi Xia said with a smile.

“Thank you…” Shen Yanxiao turned to face Yan Yu and nodded at him as she expressed her gratitude.

Yan Yu gave her a small smile and said, “It is nothing serious.

Youre just overly exhausted and in poor health.

I have a few Xuanjiu Pill.

Take one, and you will soon recover after that.”

Even though the Xuanjiu Pill was not some precious medicine, it still cost hundreds of gold coins for one.

However, Yan Yu was rather generous with it, and he gave her an entire bottle.

The three of them hung around their dormitory, and they only left when it was lunchtime.

Tang Nazhi was rather smart to make full use of his friends, and he told them to bring some food with when they returned.

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