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Chapter 249: Moonlight Necklace (2)

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“Ill meet with my teacher first thing tomorrow morning.” Shen Yanxiao reckoned that it would be impossible to return there that night.

“Very well.

If anything changes with Ouyang Huanyu, I will think of a way to inform you of his whereabouts.” As a representative of the Priest Division, Yan Yu was confident that he could stick by Ouyang Huanyus side in the morning so that he would not suddenly appear at the Warlock Division.

The five of them discussed for a little while more, and they concluded that Shen Yanxiao would meet with her teacher the next morning.

Tang Nazhi would stay at the Priest Division to wait for Yan Yus updates.

If something unexpected were to happen, then he would go to the Warlock Division immediately to inform Shen Yanxiao.

With Yan Yu and Tang Nazhis assistance, Shen Yanxiao was no longer feel as worried as she previously did.

The next morning, Shen Yanxiao went to the Warlock Division as early as she could.

Tang Nazhi went along with her to protect her.

SinceShen Jue had taken a few days of sick days, no one would bat an eyelid if she took another day off.

Xiu had started to scan their surroundings for ambush long before she even reached the Warlock Division.

However, he did not find anything out of the ordinary.

Even though Ouyang Huanyu was curious about the identity of the warlock apprentice, he knew that their presence in the Brilliance Continent was quite sensitive.

So he did not assign anyone else to keep watch.

That was the first time that Shen Yanxiao had visited the Warlock Division during the day.

She noticed that green vines covered the white buildings on both sides of the road.

The unfrequented Warlock Division appeared even more desolate in the daytime.

Shen Yanxiao walked past the broken statues and headed toward the Warlock Tower.

Light crystal still illuminated the first floor of the tower, even though it was daytime.

Yun Qi was still seated at his table, and a pile of books surrounded him.

However, if one looked closely enough, one would notice that the normal old man had a trace of uneasiness in his eyes.

“That girl hasnt appeared for three days, did something happen to her” Yun Qi looked down at the book in his hand, but his mind had long flown elsewhere.

Even though he had not taught Shen Yanxiao for long, he knew that she had expended considerable efforts in her path to becoming a warlock, and she would always appear in the Warlock Tower on time.

Yet, he had not seen her for the past three days.

Yun Qi was anxious for her.

He thought that something terrible had happened to Shen Yanxiao.

While Yun Qi fretted and worried for his student, a graceful silhouette suddenly entered the silent Warlock Tower.

“Teacher.” Shen Yanxiao greeted Yun Qi obediently as she went to stand before him,

If one were used to Yun Qis personality, one would know that he had waited for her arrival every day, from morning until late at night.

“Youre here.” Yun Qi finally relaxed when he saw his student who had been absent for the last three days.

“Im sorry for not being here.

I was sick for the past few days, and so I could not come to see you.

I would have visited last night, but the dean ambushed me at the entrance to the Warlock Division.”

Yun Qi was shocked by the second part of her sentences.

His relaxed expression gradually changed into an anxious one.

“Teacher, I think the dean wanted to know who I am.

However, I didnt want to expose my identity, so I slipped away.” Shen Yanxiao did not tell Yun Qi about Qi Xia and the rest of her friends.

Even though she trusted them, she was not sure if Yun Qi would allow her to have a good relationship with people from other professions.

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