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Of course, she doubted that one or two low-grade demonic core was sufficient for a certain someone to even fill the gap between his teeth.

Ever since Shen Yanxiao grew up and became sensible, it was the first time that she had encountered a monetary problem.

“How many low-grade demonic cores do you think youd need to recover your strength to undo my second seal” Shen Yanxiao asked.

Xiu paused briefly before he revealed a number that shocked Shen Yanxiao so much that shed puke blood if she could.

“Thirty thousand.”

“Thirty thousand…” Shen Yanxiao then went silent.

She couldnt even afford three thousand, let alone thirty!

“High-grade demonic cores would be best because then, Id only require around two thousand of those.” It was rare for Xiu to beconsiderate.

‘Id only require around two thousand of those. Only around two thousand!

Shen Yanxiao facepalmed.

The empires only managed to eliminate around ten thousand of high-level demon beasts that year, and those were then split equally between them.

At that time, the total amount of high-grade demonic cores that Longxuan Empire possessed was probably no more than four thousand, and a certain lord had the audacity to ask for two thousand of those!

Unless she wore a crown decorated with precious gems and sat on a golden high throne, it was impossible for her to get such a quantity of demonic cores, even if her wealth was comparable to the other empires.

“Lets discuss low-grade demonic core instead.”

There was no need to think about high-grade demonic cores because Shen Yanxiao would only be able to get her hands on the low-grade ones.

After the wave of the military campaign ended, hundreds of thousands, if not millions, of demon beasts would have been slaughtered.

Thirty thousand demonic cores would not be impossible, as long as she had the money for them.

The Vermilion Bird Family was very wealthy, after all.

They were publicly recognized as one of the five great aristocratic families in Longxuan Empire.

Even if their wealth could not rival other countries, they were still considered as notably affluent.

If Shen Feng was in a good mood, to buy thirty thousand demonic cores was as simple as to obtain a stick of candied fruit.

However, the problem was that Shen Yanxiao could not ask for it, and she did not have any bargaining chip to request Shen Feng to fork out the money for that.

At that moment, Shen Yanxiaos only problem was a monetary one!

On a positive note, Shen Yanxiao rejoiced over her excellent selection of theprofession in her past life.

She was a thief goddess, for goodness sake! To her, money was like stones that littered the floor.

If she had chosen to be a killer or a spy, then she would have probably ended up rotting in a dark corner somewhere.

“Only thirty thousand demonic cores Dont worry, with this lords skill, you will certainly puke from overeating!” Shen Yanxiao was considerably confident of her skills.

Furthermore, she was currently situated within the affluent Vermilion Bird Family, and any of their random second-generation or third-generation member would have at least ten thousand with them if not more.

She would definitely take advantage of that situation.

A certain someone decided to overlook Shen Yanxiaos self-proclaimedlord because of the words puke from overeating.

Eventually, during one dark and stormy night, a skinny black silhouette appeared in the courtyards of the homes in the Vermilion Bird Familys compound.

She found many opportunities to stretch her evil claws towards those full and dependable wallets.

The next morning, just as the first rays of sunlight shone down on mother earth, waves of mournful wails exploded within the quiet rooms of the Vermilion Bird Family.

“Fuck, wheres my money!”

“Shit! Where did this reckless thief come from How dare he to steal my money”

“Thats all the money for my marriage! I dont want to continue living anymore!!”

In just one night, more than twenty members of the Vermilion Bird Family suffered from her acts of thievery.

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