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Chapter 251: Grandmaster Herbalist

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“Teacher, this necklace is too precious.

I cannot accept it.” Thieves had moral codes too, and she was not willing to take away something that Yun Qi had kept for self-protection.

Yun Qi smiled and said, “Why are you so courteous I do not need it anymore, so why shouldnt I give it to someone who can put it to good use Ouyang Huanyu is a dangerous person.

If I didnt need his help with a potion, I wouldnt have teamed up with him.

You are my only student, and I want you to be safe from that crafty old fox.”

“What potion” Shen Yanxiao suddenly had a thought.

She knew that she was quite gifted in herbalism, and none of the first-year students could compare to her.

Perhaps she could help Yun Qi with his potion.

Yun Qi already knew what was in Shen Yanxiaos thoughts.

He rarely left the Warlock Division, but he still knew what went on in the other divisions.

He knew that his disciple received many praises from her teachers.

However, the potion that he wanted was too difficult for one to produce.

“Even though I managed to escape back then, I also suffered a serious injury.

It was so severe that it suppressed my strength as a Summoner, and I could not use it.

I accepted Ouyang Huanyus invitation to stay here because the potion that I needed for my injury was too difficult to produce.

He promised that if I were to stay within the Saint Laurent Academy, he would task the Grandmaster Herbalist to produce the potion.” If it were not for that, he would have never allowed others to control him.

The warlocks were in a great predicament back then, and he could not find the herbalists to help him with the potion.

Ouyang Huanyu was the dean of the Saint Laurent Academy, so the herbalists that served him would have excellent skills.

Thus, he could only rely on him for help.

The only problem with that arrangement was what Yun Qi was like a blind man who walked on a steel wire and stalked by wolves.

He had to be constantly wary of his surroundings.

“It is called the Blood Banquet Potion, and the medicinal ingredients that it required are also very complicated.

I know that you are talented in herbalism, but this is too complex for you.

Ouyang Huanyu had asked the three Master Herbalists who served him to produce it, but they had been unsuccessful so far,” Yun Qi explained with a sigh.

There were only a few Master Herbalists in the entire Brilliance Continent.

Those who could reach the standards of a Grandmaster Herbalist were even rarer.

If someone like that had existed, then he would have been a formidable existence and a daunting influence.

At his state, Yun Qi could not have invited such an influential person to produce the potion for him, nor could Ouyang Huanyu.

Shen Yanxiao pursed her lips.

That was the first time that she had heard of the Blood Banquet Potion.

However, a Grandmaster Herbalist was indeed a level far too distant for her.

A Grandmaster Herbalist was on the same level as a Sage Archmagus, and they were as rare as a mythical beast.

“Teacher, do you have the potions formula Even though my skills are still lacking, but I will try my best to help you with this.” Ouyang Huanyu was not a reliable person.

Who knew if he really did give his all to help Yun Qi with the potion It was better not to pin all hopes on him.

She would rather push herself to see if her talents could bring her to the level it needed to produce that potion.

“I do have the formula, but… Oh well, forget it.

Since you are willing to help, then I shall give it to you.”

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