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Chapter 252: Grandmaster Herbalist (2)

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Yun Qi sighed.

How difficult was it for one to attain the level of a Grandmaster Herbalist He did not believe that Shen Yanxiao could reach that level with her abilities.

Furthermore, Grandmaster Herbalists were those who had studied herbalism since they were mere children.

They could only reach that level after dozens of years of training.

Shen Yanxiao did not only have to learn herbalism, but she concentrated on her warlock studies as well.

So how could she compare to those who devote their time to herbalism

Nevertheless, Yun Qi was very touched by her intentions to help him.

It seemed like he did not dote on that student of his for nothing.

Yun Qi handed the prescription for the Blood Banquet Potion to Shen Yanxiao.

She gasped when she saw the hundreds of types of medicinal ingredients.

A junior potion would usually only require seven to eight types of medicinal ingredients, and the intermediate potions would probably need a couple of dozens.

As for the advanced potions, the number of medicinal ingredients it required would usually not exceed forty items.

However, the prescription in her hand had more than a hundred medicinal ingredients listed on it.

Every medicinal ingredient had its properties.

One would need to know the precise quantity of the medicinal ingredients required, and one would also need powerful mental energy as support so that the different ingredients would not clash.

If one wanted to combine more than a hundred of medicinal ingredients, then it is not a task for an ordinary person to accomplish.

No wonder Yun Qi insisted that only a Grandmaster Herbalist could produce the potion.

The amount of the medicinal ingredients required also came as a total shock.

“I will definitely work hard on this.” Shen Yanxiao took a deep breath.

Regardless of how difficult it was to produce this potion, she still wanted to try it.

She refused to allow her teacher to be subjected to the will of others!

Yun Qi smiled with content.

Shen Yanxiaos concern for him was enough to satisfy him.

After they settled on some other things, Yun Qi began his lesson with Shen Yanxiao.

Sometime later, Shen Yanxiaos power in magic increased substantially, and her control also improved considerably.

Yun Qi was proud of her improvements, and he pushed Shen Yanxiao as hard as he could as he taught her his lifelong skills.

Their training session lasted until noon, and Shen Yanxiao finally left the Warlock Division after she bid Yun Qi goodbye.

Since it was lunchtime, she slipped back to her dormitory in the Herbalist Division.

While she was there, she took out the prescription for Blood Banquet Potion so that she could analyze it.

Of the many medicinal ingredients written on the paper, she could only recognize a hundred of those.

She had never heard of the remaining thirty ingredients, nor had she seen them before.

Even though the road to becoming a Grandmaster Herbalist was still far and away, she decided that it was best to gather the required medicinal ingredients first so that she could save some time and effort.

She looked at the prescription more carefully.

There were about seventy ingredients that she could purchase.

Another thirty ingredients on the list were not only extremely precious, but they were harder to get too.

As for the rest of the ingredients that she had never heard of, she would just have to find ways to understand their origins and their effects in a potion.

Soon after that, Shen Yanxiao managed to come up with a game plan.

She still had quite a considerable sum of gold coins, and she could entrust the Qilin Auction House to gather the medicinal ingredients that one could easily purchase.

She would have to think of another way to get those extremely precious ones.

Since she had revealed all her cards to Qi Xia, Shen Yanxiao did not have any apprehension toward the Qilin Auction House.

Otherwise, it would be impossible for her to gather that many medicinal ingredients, and it would probably take her at least three to five years to collect them all too.

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