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Chapter 261: Opening a Gambling Den (2)

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The problem that she had to resolve first was to gather more demonic cores.

She also had to collect medicinal ingredients for the Blood Banquet Potion and to break through to advanced archer and warlock before the start of the competition.

She only had half a year to do all those, so it was a challenge indeed.

After she returned to the Saint Laurent Academy, Shen Yanxiao found an opportunity to contact Qi Xia and the rest of the group.

Then she vaguely informed them of her requirement for a large number of demonic cores.

Qi Xia knew that Shen Yanxiao had already ordered a large number of magical cores, but he never asked her about her intentions with them.

He always felt that Shen Yanxiao had many secrets, but he would not question her if she was not willing to share them.

“Its not difficult to get tens of thousands of demonic cores, but we will need to get creative with how we do it,” Qi Xia touched his chin as he said that.

He was quite concerned about Shen Yanxiaos problem.

“I know that mercenaries have stockpiles of demonic cores,” Yang Xia said from the little corner where he sat.

Mercenaries often accepted assignments where they would need to clear demonic and magical beasts, but most of the magical cores from those hunts would go to their employers.

However, since there were fewer buyers for demonic cores, it did not have any marketable value.

Some mercenaries would keep those demonic cores in case they could sell them in the future.

“It is not difficult to purchase demonic cores from the mercenaries.

However, the problem is that we need to keep Xiaoxiaos purchases a secret.

If we were to make those purchases in public, it might attract some unwanted attention.” Qi Xia had also thought of the same problem.

No one in the Brilliance Continent would require demonic cores, and if they were to purchase those in bulk, then it would definitely arouse some suspicions.

It would be hard to ensure that those people would not track down the person who made the bulk purchase.

The Qilin Auction House could gather large quantities of demonic cores because it was an auction house, and no one would know that those cores were sold to the same person.

Thus, it would not arouse anyones suspicions.

However, Qi Xia dared not use all of his familys auction houses to gather the demonic cores for Shen Yanxiao.

He did not want to deal with all the troubles that were sure to pop up had he done so.

Thus, the group continued to brainstorm for the most suitable solution.

Eventually, Qi Xia had a bright idea.

“Do you remember the casino that we won previously”

“Yes, I do.

Didnt you intend to use that as our base” Tang Nazhi asked.

Qi Xia was interested in that casino because he wanted a place for the group to gather.

“Yes, that was my original intention for the casino.

However, I just had a great idea.

Why dont we continue using it as a casino With some changes, of course.

The stakes will not be limited to just gold and coins, and we will not be targeting students from our academy.

Instead, we will target the mercenaries in the Black City,” Qi Xia said with a smile.

“Sometime after that, we can then release news about how demonic cores can be used as stakes” Shen Yanxiao immediately understood Qi Xias intention.

“Thats right.

There are numerous mercenary groups in the Black City, and they will definitely have enough demonic cores for your requirements,” Qi Xia said as he nodded.

It was refreshing to have a conversation with someone as smart as Shen Yanxiao for a change.

“I think that this method is quite feasible.

However, many of the students from our academy knew that we had won that casino.

If we were to open the casino now, some of them might guess that we are the ones it.” Yan Yi had some misgivings about that idea.

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