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“Your eyes.” Shen Yanxiaos lips twitched as she looked at Xius golden eyes.

She knew that the people there did not differ much from the people in her previous world.

Most of them had either black or brown eyes.

So, which of the human race would have golden eyes

 Before Xiu could answer her, the Vermillion Bird at his side suddenly spoke.

“I didnt expect that someone from the god race would survive.

No wonder I could sense some familiarity with you.

You must have participated in the war between the demons and the gods from thousands of years ago, right”

 Xiu did not answer the Vermilion Birds question.

He merely stood there quietly and unmoving.

 However, Shen Yanxiao was dumbstruck by the Vermilion Birds words.

 Someone from the god race who survived

 What did that mean

 Thousands of years ago, the god race from the heavenly world and the demon race from the underworld clashed in a war that jolted the entire universe.

The harsh battle resulted in endless streams of blood from the corpses of soldiers from both of the realms.

There were some from the god race who survived, but they succumbed to their severe injuries not long after that.

They had managed to drive the demons back into the underworld, but they only managed to do that at a loss so significant that it nearly drove them to extinction.

The war between the demons and the gods had damaged the world.

During the entire course of the war, all the continents were dragged into battles.

Humans, elves, and even the dragon race – all of them had to join the war to fight against the demons invasion.

Even with the help, the god race had paid an enormous price for that war.

The war continued for hundreds of years, and it caused the world to wilt.

The humans only managed to rebuild their homes after a millennium.

Even though the demons retreated underground, many of the demonic beasts had stayed put.

As a result, it caused countless hardships to the people.

The god race had died out after the war.

The few gods that managed to remain were all exhausted, and they, too, had perished not long after the war.

 For the next thousands of years, everyone thought that the god race was just a myth.

Could Xiu really belong to the god race

 Shen Yanxiao did not want to believe her conjecture as she knew that a gods appearance would lead to a considerable commotion in the human world.

The people in the Brilliance Continent had respect for the God Realm because the god envoys had divine energy that was similar to the god clan.

If a living god were to appear in their sights, the entire continent would probably go insane.

“My identity matters not.

What is more important here is that we are partners.” Xiu had sensed the anxiety in Shen Yanxiao, but he had no intention to explain his identity to anyone.

The past was like a puff of smoke.

It did not matter if one was a god or a demon; they had all withdrawn with history.

 At that moment, he was merely a soul that resided in the body of a human.

 “Youre right.” Shen Yanxiao smiled.

What difference would Xius identity make for her She only cared about his ability to undo her seal.

Even if he was a demon, so what

 The Vermilion Bird frowned.

It glanced at the serene Shen Yanxiao, and then at the expressionless Xiu.

Then he muttered, “My sense cannot be wrong, but why cant I remember who you are” It was apparent that he felt a trace of familiarity deep within his soul, but no matter what he did, he could not recall Xius identity.

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