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“There is no need for that.

Its the same to me no matter who Xiu is,” Shen Yanxiao said with a chuckle.

If they were to stay on topic, would they not be shocked if they found out that she was a reincarnated soul

 Xiu looked at Shen Yanxiao, and then he pursed his lips slightly.

“Are you prepared to undo the third seal”

 Shen Yanxiao nodded.

She gradually pulled her mental state from her soul and then sighed as she looked at the empty room.

 “I wonder how painful it is.” The pain that she endured last time was still fresh in her mind, and Shen Yanxiao could not predict the degree of pain that she would suffer then.

 Soon, she felt a gradual heat from the seal on her arm.

The heat did not spread throughout her physical body, but instead, it pierced through her skin and then directly into her bones.

 Shen Yanxiao bit her lips and prepared herself to endure the incoming severe pain.

However, she trembled the next second suddenly, and then she lost her conscious as she fell onto the bed.

In the depths of her soul, the Vermilion Bird stood by Xius side, and its scarlet red eyes widened in shock.

 “What did you do” The Vermillion Bird was on high alert the moment it felt that his master had lost consciousness.

 It did not trust Xiu the same way that Shen Yanxiao did.

Furthermore, the mysterious man gave the Vermillion Bird a bad feeling.

 Perhaps Shen Yanxiao could not sense it, but Xius mental energy far outmatched hers.

That degree of power could completely occupy Shen Yanxiaos physical body by force and replace her to become the bodys new owner.

 However, the Vermilion Bird could sense it.

Since it shared Shen Yanxiaos body with Xiu, it could clearly detect the changes in Xiu.

“If you dared to do anything to harm her, I will burn your soul to ashes.” Even though Shen Yanxiao was not a good master and she often bullied him, the Vermillion Bird would never allow anyone to harm her.

A ball of flame ignited on his palms, and he observed Xius actions carefully.

If Xiu moved even slightly, it would attack him without any hesitation.

Xiu looked at the high-strung Vermilion Bird in aloofness and then shifted his gaze soon after that.

 “If I dont seal her consciousness, the unlocking of the third seal will overwhelm her with pain.”

 The Vermilion Bird was very surprised by that information.

He knew a little about the Seven Star Moon Seal.

Every layer of the seal would cause intense pain when undone, and the degree of the pain would only increase with the level.

 It seemed like Xiu did have her best interests at heart.

 Xiu did not offer more explanation to the Vermillion Bird.

He closed his eyes and then slowly released the power he had only just recovered.

A trace of dark golden light emanated from his body to illuminate the lake in Shen Yanxiaos heart.

 The Vermilion Bird looked at the changes in Xiu in astonishment.

The god race wielded supreme holy energy, and the golden shine was a representative of holy energy.

However, the light that Xiu radiated was not in the color of pure gold.

For a brief moment, he sensed the energy that Xiu had released was infused with something that he loathed.

 It was not something that one could usually sense in a god.

However, Xius eyes were a clear indication that he was part of the god race.

 The Vermilion Bird observed Xius every action, but it could feel only extreme frustration.

 Who was that mysterious man No one in the world could have possessed the power to undo the Seven Star Moon seal!

 The dark golden light gradually covered the Vermilion Birds line of sight and then expanded to Shen Yanxiaos surroundings.

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