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Shen Yanxiao crossed her arms and smiled as she looked at Pu Lisis gloomy expression.

“It would be better to add the stamen of the Hanath Flower before adding the Pixie Flower.”

 Pu Lisi shot a sideways glance at Shen Yanxiao before he replied in annoyance, “Do you even understand it The Hanath Flower has a certain degree of loss of effects, and this would eliminate the Hawthorne Grasss medicinal effects.

 A first-year student had dared to give pointers to a Great Herbalist like him What a joke!

 Shen Yanxiao curled her lips and stared at Pu Lisi.

“You get that result because you could not determine the accurate amount of the Hawthorne Grass and the Pixie Flowers needed for the process.”

 It was not a problem with the medicinal ingredients, but instead, it was Pu Lisi who lacked the skills needed to brew the potion.

 Ever since Pu Lisi had been promoted to an Advanced Herbalist, no one had dared to question his methods.

At that moment, the young student not only rejected his methods, but she even hinted at his inadequacy.

Pu Lisis face was immediately ashen.

 Luo De had also broken out in a cold sweat.

He never expected Shen Yanxiao would suddenly point out Great Master Pu Lisis shortcomings.

Even though she had talent, she was still a first-year student there, so how could she compare with the Great Herbalist, Pu Lisi

 At that very moment, Luo De felt as if he wanted to cry.

Those Great Herbalists at the library had never taught any students.

It was Ouyang Huanyu who had personally requested for them to guide a few gifted students in brewing potions.

 That was a once in a lifetime opportunity.

The teachers had brought them more than a dozen talented students, but Shangguan Xiao was the only one who passed the test, and he was then allowed to stay there.

When Luo De realized that Shen Yanxiao was extremely talented, he felt the need to cherish that talent.

The Aura Concealment Potion was a test to see if Shen Yanxiao had the skills needed for that.

Even though he was confident that Shen Yanxiao was far more talented than Shangguan Xiao, she also lacked the experience, and her age would prove to be a problem.

Thus, it was not unreasonable for the Great Master Pu Lisi to display such a reaction toward the situation.

 He thought that he could still try the other great masters if the attempt with Pu Lisi failed.

If one of them were willing to give Shen Yanxiao an opportunity, he was sure that her talents would shock them all.

 Unfortunately, Pu Lisi did not want to give her an opportunity to do that.

 Therefore, he could only make plans for another time.

 Nevertheless, he did not expect that Shen Yanxiao, who usually stayed silent, would take such drastic actions.

 From Pu Lisis ashen expression, Luo De knew that the situation was far from great.

 “Great Master Pu Lisi, please forgive Shen Jues rude remarks.” Luo De wiped the cold sweat on his forehead as he attempted to appease Pu Lisis emotions.

 “Hmph!” Pu Lisi snorted coldly, and his tightly furrowed eyebrows hinted at his anger.

 He was a Great Herbalist, and a first-year student had dared to give him instructions How could he maintain his dignity from then on

 Luo De felt extremely nervous, but Shangguan Xiao remained at the side as he enjoyed the show.

 He was the sole student who had been acknowledged by a Great Herbalist.

It was undoubtedly his advantage to stay there as Great Master Pu Lisis assistant.

The student that Luo De brought with him did not seem very capable at all.

Ordinary students like that young student could never compare to him.

 Did Luo De think that he could bring a random student to the library to become an assistant to a Great Herbalist

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