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A low-grade disguise potion could only maintain a disguise for three hours, but it was enough for Shen Yanxiao.

For convenience sake, she also purchased a low-grade interspatial ring.

Interspatial rings were meant for storage use.

Even though it looked identical to regular rings, the wielder had to use a particular method to activate it for use.

Upon activation, a specific area of space would appear depending on the grade of the ring, and it can be used to store any inanimate items.

Interspatial rings were very common in the Brilliance Continent, and they came in different grades.

The grades of the rings would determine the size of the space and also the equivalent prices for it.

The ring that Shen Yanxiao bought was only a lower-grade one with about five cubic meters of space.

However, that was already enough for her to store everything that she looted from the house.

After Shen Yanxiao had completed her preparation, she realized that she only lacked one small but crucial thing.

She snuck back into her room and stored all her loot and the disguise potions into the interspatial ring.

Then she went to bed.

When night fell the next day, she would go to the Qilin Auction House to trade for her first genuine pot of gold!

The Qilin Auction house was situated to the north.

It occupied a large area, and it was one of the three most reputable auction houses in the capital.

The Qilin Family backed them, and thus, it was extremely popular in the capital.

Everyone knew that the Qilin Family was the wealthiest among the five great aristocratic families.

When it was first established, the founder used his position to carry out a countrywide trade, and the wealth that they had managed to accumulate over the years was impossible to enumerate.

There was once a rumor that claimed that the Qilin Familys warehouse was comparable to the state treasury.

Night fell, and the bright moon ascended.

The Qilin Familys auction house was brightly lit.

In the quiet night scene, it was a period when the auction house was the most lively.

Numerous buyers had arrived, and some were already sat down in the hall.

The huge auction house was eventually filled with customers who came to bid for the items.

At the back hall of the Qilin Auction House, a young man, about sixteen to seventeen years of age, sat crossed-leg on a chair that was draped with the skin of a tiger.

His handsome face wore a lazy expression as his phoenix-like eyes looked through the list of items that the person who was in charge of the auction house had given him.

“Only these items” The handsome young man quirked his eyebrows.

He was somewhat dissatisfied with the items that were on auction that day.

The fifty-year-old Qi Meng was the Qilin Auction Houses person-in-charge, and he used to be a person that was held in high esteem by everyone else.

However, at that very moment, he sweltered profusely as he stood before the young man.

He did not even dare to take a deep breath in front of him.

“Third young master, there arent that many customers who had come to commission us for an auction these days, and Ive already contacted the people from Fengqi City.

In a few days, they will appoint someone to send over some valuable items.” Qi Meng wiped the cold sweat on his forehead.

He had no intention to make a big fuss over a minor issue, but the young man in front of him was none other than the third young master, Qi Xia, who had been appointed by the current Family Head to be his successor!

The Qilin Family was famous because of their wealth, and every Family Head had to have had some success in the trade business before they could ascend to the position.

The third young master was the most capable one among the members of his generation, and he had already accumulated a substantial sum of capital for himself when he was only sixteen years old.

He even managed to plot against the few up and coming businesses in the Longxia Empire within those few years.

Many people considered Qi Xia as the number one prodigy of trade in the Qilin Family for the past one hundred years, and he could even sell useless metal scraps for an astronomical price.

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