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“Why did you bring me here” As warmth continued to spread from her palms, Shen Yanxiao tilted her head to look at Qi Xia.

 Qi Xia smiled and said, “This is a privilege for the top student.

Every division has a moonlight spring, but the ordinary students wouldnt know about it.

Only the top-ranked student would have the opportunity to use it.”

 Qi Xia had remained the top student in Magus Division ever since he enrolled in the academy.

No one had managed to evenshake his position.

 Therefore, the moonlight spring was practically for his personal use.

 “I wonder if theres one in the Warlock Division,” Shen Yanxiao wondered out loud.

 “I doubt it.

These moonlight springs were only constructed during the past few decades, and the Warlock Division had already been isolated then.

The dean would not have constructed a moonlight spring there.” Qi Xia looked at the hot spring and smiled.

“I dont use it often, so if you need it, you can come here for a dip in the evening.

This way, you wont fall ill again because of overworking.”

 If Tang Nazhis care and concern were direct and overbearing, then Qi Xias methods were like the spring water, gentle and warm.

It also did not overwhelm her from within.

It did not matter how they behaved as Shen Yanxiao was still very grateful for their attention.

“Does that not mean that Id be taking advantage of your privilege” Shen Yanxiao beamed as she gazed at Qi Xia.

 He quirked his eyebrows and replied, “Thats why I said that its a good deal for you.”

 “In that case, I will accept your offer.” It was not easy to take advantage of a profiteer, so Shen Yanxiao decided not to be courteous with him.

 Qi Xia stood up and looked up at the moonlight before he smiled and said, “Have a soak first, Ill stand guard outside.” Even though she was still a young kid, and she would not have had the body of a grown woman, Qi Xia still acknowledged the difference between men and women.

 When Qi Xia left, a slight smile curled on her lips.

 The cunning profiteer was extremely despicable toward outsiders, but he was rather sincere and giving with his comrades in Phantom.

 Qi Xias care and concern were not as direct as Tang Nazhi, but he would show his goodwill according to each individuals personality and needs.

After she confirmed that Qi Xia had indeed gone further than her location, she undressed to reveal her delicate snow-white body.

She shivered, and a light breeze blew past and hastily made her way into the moonlight spring for a proper soak.

 The warm spring water wrapped her entire body as the blessed stone walls activated to alleviate Shen Yanxiaos exhaustion.

 Shen Yanxiao sighed comfortably as she leaned against the stone wall while immersed in the spring water.

 Perhaps she had overworked her body; Shen Yanxiao had unintentionally fallen asleep.

The warm spring water was like a natural quilt that isolated her from the chilliness of the outside world.

 The moment she fell asleep, a strand of dark light suddenly poured from her chest, and it gradually formed a human figure in mid-air under the moonlight.

 With long black hair that hung a waterfall and bare feet that stepped above the thin mist, a pair of golden-colored eyes that carried traces of chilliness looked the moonlight.

 Xiu looked down, and as he gazed at Shen Yanxiao soaking in the moonlight spring, an indiscernible glint streaked across his eyes.

 Moments later, sounds of footsteps toward the hot spring could be heard.

Xiu raised his slender fingers and levitated Shen Yanxiao from the water to slowly shift her away from the spring.

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