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Tang Nazhi had spent two years getting into the Saint Laurent Academys Herbalist Division.

He was even mocked and ridiculed for his efforts.

Even so, he persevered and endured the journey until he could achieve his goal.

At that moment, Shangguan Xiao had asked him to use his hard-earned position as a wager in a bet

 Furthermore, the gamble was for Shangguan Xiao to battle it out with a virtually unknown first-year student

 What was there to compare Even if they had to think with their toes, everyone knew that Shangguan Xiao would crush Shen Jue.

 Unless Tang Nazhi had gone crazy, otherwise, he would never agree to such a wager.

 Tang Nazhi gave Shangguan Xiao a cold glare.

He did not expect that he would ask for such a wager, but so what

 “I shall agree with your terms! However, if Shen Jue won, you will agree to his request, and not mine.” So what if the opponent was Shangguan Xiao

 “Very well!” Shangguan Xiao sniggered as he watched Tang Nazhi enter his trap so foolishly.

He would like to see the little kids competency level that he thought he could beat him in the competition.

 It was a tense situation between Tang Nazhi and Shangguan Xiao, and the other students there were shocked out of their wits with such a ridiculous wager.

Had those two gone so crazy that they would gamble their prospects on such a small competition

 Even though Tang Nazhi was a young master of the Black Tortoise Family, he had offended the Family Head when he was determined to enroll in the Herbalist Division.

If he were to leave the Saint Laurent Academy for that small bet, he would be punished even if he was the young master.

 If he were to lose, he would dishonor the Black Tortoise Family.

He would most probably be asked to leave the main branch of the family and to give up his position as the young master.

 With so much at stake, why would Tang Nazhi want to continue with the wager anyway

 Shangguan Xiaos family background was far inferior to Tang Nazhi.

If it were not for his talent in herbalism, he would not have been able to make his mark in the world.

If he were forced to leave the Saint Laurent Academy, he would have a hard time finding another Great Herbalist to mentor him, or even another academy willing to accept him.

 If he were to lose his status as a student at the Saint Laurent Academy, he would face many hard obstacles in his future.

 Both sides of the competition had too much to lose to that simple bet.

 Either of them would ruin their future if they were to lose.

 However, by comparison, everyone was more worried about Tang Nazhi.

It was apparent that Shangguan Xiao was a competent student.

It was quite hard to find another student who could win against him in the entire Herbalist Division.

Furthermore, all he had to accomplish was to beat a first-year student who had only been at the academy for half a year.

It looked to be a one-sided victory.

 No wonder Shangguan Xiao dared to increase the stakes for the bet.

 However, no one in the crowd could comprehend why Tang Nazhi would accept the wager.

 Did he not grasp the height of the sky or the depth of the earths crust How could he believe that Shen Jue could beat Shangguan Xiao Did he no longer want to stay with the Herbalist Division

 All of them had their own opinions about the matter.

 “Ill be waiting for you tomorrow afternoon.” Shangguan Xiaos scornful eyes swept across Tang Nazhi and Shen Yanxiao as he haughtily raised his head and left the area.

 “Well be waiting,” Tang Nazhi replied rudely as he pulled Shen Yanxiao and pushed through the crowd in long strides.

Shen Yanxiao allowed Tang Nazhi to drag her along as they left.

She smiled when she realized that he was still angry.

 “That was very brave of you.

How do you know I can beat Shangguan Xiao You dont, and yet you are willing to bet your entire future.”

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