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As a member of the five great aristocratic families, Shen Yanxiao knew a little about the internal relations between the families.

It was quite similar to what most people would have in mind.

Even though the members of the families seemed to live glamorous lifestyles, they had to be extra careful with each step they take.

 The students had made unfair speculations about Shen Yanxiao, and Tang Nazhi had rushed to her aid without a care for himself.

 Should she laugh at his foolishness, or at her own stupidity

 Should she laugh at him for letting her actions determine his future Or should she berate herself for her ignorance of having such a loyal friend

 Tang Nazhi stopped in his tracks and turned back to look at Shen Yanxiao, who beamed with a smile.

“I believe in your abilities.

Theres nothing that I wont do to prove it.” He had witnessed Shen Yanxias talents in herbalism, and he believed that no one was comparable to her.

 “Yes, but Shangguan Xiao is pretty skilled too.

How would you know he wont win” Shen Yanxiao grinned at him.

However, the serious expression on Tang Nazhis face made her feel complicated.

 Tang Nazhi furrowed his eyebrows and said without any hesitation, “Regardless of who is more skilled, in my mind, you are still the number one student in the Herbalist Division.

Even if you lose, I will have no complaints.” If that happened, all he needed to do was to pack up and head home for a round of scolding by his old man.

It was not like he would die.

 He hated it when he saw how other people pointed their fingers at Shen Yanxiao.

Those idiots did not know the truth, and they would only gossip about what they believed.

Shen Yanxiao chuckled and reached out to smoothen the frown on Tang Nazhis forehead.

 “Thats enough.

You look as if your blood is boiling, and that expression does not suit you.” Her comrades from her previous life had the same look on them, and it made them look heartless.

 Tang Nazhi opened his mouth but did not say anything.

He merely smiled.

Shen Yanxiao patted Tang Nazhi on the shoulder and said, “You can rest assured that I will certainly make Shangguan Xiao suffer tomorrow.”

 Perhaps it was already predestined.

She did not like the sight of Shangguan Xiao because of his hatred for Tang Nazhi, and the latter had protected her against rude remarks from Shangguan Xiao.

 She would shoulder Tang Nazhis stakes and try her best to win the competition that was slotted for the next day.

 A round of mutual dislikes was indeed a wonderful thing.

 “Youre feeling confident right now” Tang Nazhi raised his eyebrow.

He was not very familiar with Shangguan Xiaos level of competency.

He only knew one thing, and that was Shen Yanxiao had not once stumble with any of the formulae that she had received thus far.

 “Perhaps, who knows” Shen Yanxiao shrugged her shoulders.

 “Hey, if you continue to keep me on suspense, I might just beat you up.” Tang Nazhi feigned a fierce look and brandished his fist.

 Shen Yanxiao laughed out loud and held his fist as they walked toward their dormitory.

 “Youll know tomorrow.

Right now, we should go and have our breakfast.

Im hungry.”

 Those two then went to get their breakfast.

They did not know that the news about Shangguan Xiao and Tang Nazhis wager had spread throughout the Saint Laurent Academy in only half an hour.

 Tang Nazhi had wagered his position as a student in the Herbalist Division on a first-year student to beat Shangguan Xiao in the upcoming competition.

Everyone else thought that it must have been the joke of the century.

 Qi Xia was on his way back to his dormitory when he heard the discussion between several students.

 “Those two people cant seem to stay low, not even for a moment.”

 As he looked up at the sky, Qi Xias lips quirked with a sly smile as he walked away from the gates of the Magus Division.

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