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Shangguan Xiao slowly walked toward the center of the arena, not unlike the arrival of a monarch.

 The participants there automatically made way for his arrival.

 It did not matter if it was because of his status as the top student or the fact that the Great Herbalist Pu Lisi was behind him, they were still achievements that other students could only look from afar.

 Shen Yanxiao stood in front of the pathway, and she looked at the incoming Shangguan Xiao with her head cocked to the side.

She raised her head slightly to gaze at Pu Lisi, who seemed extremely arrogant as the teachers attended to him.

 Coincidentally, Pu Lisi was also looking at her.

He had a solemn expression on his aged face as he raised his jaw.

 Their gazes met, and Pu Lisi glared at her with an expression that was as sharp as a knife.

 Shen Yanxiao laughed internally.

That old man must have been there because he was interested in her competition with Shangguan Xiao.

 She guessed that he must have looked forward to observing how his precious disciple would embarrass her in the competition.

 Shangguan Xiao walked toward Shen Yanxiao and took advantage of his towering height to look down at her.

 “I will make you lose any face you may have before the entire Herbalist Division today.” Shangguan Xiao sneered at her.

He had promised Pu Lisi a victory so that he could punish the kid on his behalf.

 Shen Yanxiao quirked her eyebrows and then chuckled.

 “Lets see who would lose at the end of the competition.”

 The atmosphere tensed followed their short interaction with each other.

The other participants gulped silently when they saw both of their expressions.

 All of them were also amused by how overly-confident the first-year student had sounded.

 They knew that it would be challenging to beat Shangguan Xiao in herbalism.

 Moments later, the teachers in charge of the competition returned to their position so that they could begin the monthly Herbalist Divisions competition.

 The number of participants that day had far exceeded the previous months; there were about 130 participants that month.

 All of the participants then received a token with a number on it.

 The tokens were marked with the numbers from 1 to 137.

In a sense, the numbers represent a measure of their abilities as determined by the teachers.

 The number on Shangguan Xiaos token was 1, while Shen Yanxiao received the number 137.

 From an outsiders point of view, there was no need to go into detail about their gap in each of their abilities.

“There is only one match in this competition.

All of you must complete the potion to the best of your ability within the limited time slot.

The teachers from the Herbalist Division would then judge all of those potions.” The teacher announced to the crowd.

“Even though there will only be one match, it will be split into three phases.” The teacher looked at the students before him.

He waved his hand, and the ground of the space behind him suddenly sank and then surfaced again.

When it surfaced, it came back with all sorts of medicinal ingredients.

 “Firstly, you will have to locate what you need for your potion from these 3690 medicinal ingredients.

You only have half an hour to do so.”

 3690 medicinal ingredients!

 The students were all dumbstruck when they heard what the teacher had said.

When they realized that the medicinal ingredients were lumped in a pile, their expressions were as bitter as a bitter gourd.

 Was that a joke!!!

 They would have to produce an intermediate-level potion to compete in the competition, but any of those potions would require at least dozens of different medicinal ingredients!

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