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The other students had not caught up with the situation, but Pu Lisi already knew what had happened.

He relaxed and looked at Shen Yanxiaos movements with a sense of calmness.

 It was as he had expected; she was trying to concoct the Silence Potion and the Meditation Potion.

As she progressed, the two potions gradually took form.

No matter its purity or luster, one could only describe them as perfect.

 Pu Lisi snorted.

Some people might think that she had great skills, but it was not even worthy of a mention from a Great Herbalist like him.

 However, as those two potions gradually formed, some students with good eyesight also noticed something about them.

 “So, its the Silence Potion and Meditation Potion.

I thought he wanted to prepare an advanced-level potion.

It seems like I have overestimated him.”

 “Does he think he could win just because he made an additional potion”

 Those students who were surprised by the sheer number of medicinal ingredients on Shen Yanxiaos table turned unconcerned when they thought they understood the situation at hand.

 When Tang Nazhi heard those offensive words, he had wanted to act against them.

Luckily, Qi Xia was there to stop him.

 “You cant help her forever.

If you want those idiots to shut up, we will need to leave it up to her,” Qi Xia softly said.

He understood Tang Nazhis protective nature, and it was similar to his personality to protect his own people.

He might have done something to make those groups of people shut their mouths too.

 However, he knew that it was not feasible in the long run.

 Tang Nazhi gritted his teeth and endured it for the time being.

Minutes and seconds trickled by before the allocated three hours were up.

Most of the participants had completed their potions, while a few were still busy with theirs.

 Those who were done with their potions had delivered them to the frontmost table for the teachers assessment.

 Shangguan Xiao had also delivered his potion.

He finally got what he wished for when he stood before Shen Yanxiaos table to see the potion that she was working on.

 His mind went blank when he saw the two bottles.

However, he was able to identify those two potions soon after that.

 The shock in his eyes faded into mockery and ridicule.

Then he turned toward Pu Lisi to give him a satisfied nod.

 After that, Shangguan Xiao retracted his gaze and continued to look at Shen Yanxiao.

However, strange things ensued.

Shen Yanxiao had already finished those two potions, but she did not stop there.

She proceeded to pour some pale yellow powder into one of the bottles.

Then Shen Yanxiao did something that Shangguan Xiao could not comprehend.

She picked up the other bottle of potion and poured that in too!

 What did she think she was doing

 The completed potions had no impurities, and yet she had mixed them together in a bottle, and that was after she had added an unidentified powder.

An incredible change occurred between those two potions almost immediately.

 The crystal-clear potion turned into a dark-purple muddy texture in the blink of an eye, and the liquid seemed to be in a constant surge.

 Shangguan Xiao was secretly shocked.

Had that kid gone crazy Did he not know that a mixture of two different potions would usually cause an explosion

Everyone at the arena gasped as they discreetly criticized Shen Jue for his lack of brain.

It was as if he wanted to harm them because he could not win the competition!

 Just as everyone thought that the potion was about to explode, the mud-like potion recovered its crystal-clear calmness the next instant.

The dark-purple color had subsided, and a pure purple-colored potion sat calmly on Shen Yanxiaos palm.


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