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Everyone at the scene had personally witnessed what had happened, and the smirk on their faces stiffened instantly.

 They had seen the strong reaction when the two potions were mixed into a single bottle, and it even looked as if it would explode the very next second.

So how did it calm in the blink of an eye

 That situation had changed their understanding of herbalism.

 As a result, everyone was in great shock over the circumstance.

Shen Yanxiao smiled.

That was the first time she had completed the potion all by herself, and she had done that by following Ye Qings method meticulously.

Even so, she had not been so confident about its success rate.

 However, everything looked to be clear and precise.

 Pu Lisi tried to observe the potion from afar.

He had seen what had transpired earlier, and he had an indescribable feeling in the pit of his stomach as he thought about the familiarity of the potion.

Unfortunately, he could not recall anything tangible about it.

Shangguan Xiao frowned.

He did not understand what Shen Yanxiao had done, and he did not know anything about the strange potion in her hands either.

 However, he relaxed a few short moments later.

 The potion might not have exploded.

However, that did not mean things were fine as he had not heard of any potion with such a weird formula.

The thing in the bottle was probably not even a potion but a failure.

 “Hes just kicking up a cloud of dust,” Shangguan Xiao said to himself as he snorted.

Shen Yanxiao held the potion in her hands and went to the front with a smile on her face.

She put the potion on the teachers table and then took two steps backward.

She crossed her arms calmly as she looked at the people around her, who had different expressions on their faces.

 Shen Yanxiao had completed the potion within the allocated time, and no one could say anything otherwise about that.

 The teachers looked at each other with some strange expressions on their faces.

They hesitated for a brief moment before they began their assessment on the ten potions that the participants had prepared for the competition.

They examined the potion according to the number that they were brought to the table.

 Most of the participants had prepared an intermediate potion but with an unacceptable level of purity.

The third-year students had fared better because the second-year students had only studied the intermediate potions for a shorter time.

Thus, the purity of their potions was not very high.

The best result amongst those participants was an eighty-four percent purity, and even then, it was a long way from the perfect potion.

It was one thing to complete a potion, and it was another to achieve the right level of purity for the potion.

 Even though a completed potion could still be effective, its power would vary.

Other than the grade, the value of a potion also relied on its level of purity.

A potion with a purity level of less than fifty percent was deemed a failure.

Only those with more than fifty percent purity were considered a potion.

As the teachers checked the potions, their expressions darkened when they realized that none of them had a purity level of more than ninety percent thus far.

They even found it ridiculous when they noticed that there were two junior-level potions in the mix!

 Except for Shen Yanxiao, who was a first-year student, the rest of the participants consisted of second and third-year students.

Two of those students had the cheek to use junior-level potions to tide them through the competition!

 The teachers expression darkened the moment they realized that.

 Were those idiots not embarrassed of themselves!

 The teachers continued their assessments with a gloomy expression as they moved on to the next potion, which was Shangguan Xiaos work.

 It was a dark blue-colored potion.

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