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Pu Lisi knew that even though it was only an intermediate-level potion, it was comparable to an advanced-level potion in terms of its effectiveness.

 He pulled himself out from his memories and looked at the purple-colored potion in shock.

His aged eyes were also filled with disbelief.

How was that possible!

 How did that kid manage to make the Pseudo-death Potion!

 Even though the potion was an intermediate one, it had quite a demanding process to produce it.

One had to prepare two types of potions concurrently, and they also had to use the potent medicinal properties of the Crepis Grass to combine two of the completed potions.

 Two different types of potions…

 Crepis Grass…

 Pu Lisi gasped and glared unwaveringly at Shen Yanxiao, who stood at the side.

He wished that he could use his eyes to burn two holes on her body.

 He had even mocked Shen Yanxiao for her supposedly mistake in identifying the Crepis Grass for another type of medicinal ingredient.

 However, it seemed like it was not a mistake on her part!

 It looked like her goal had always been that Crepis Grass!

 After that, he had personally witnessed how she concocted two different types of potions.

With that information at hand, Pu Lisi had no choice but to believe it.

The potion Shen Yanxiao had produced was indeed the Pseudo-death Potion!

 A stinky thirteen-year-old brat who had not been at the academy for a whole year had managed to produce that potion!

 One could hardly believe it.

 The process of concocting the two potions was not particularly difficult.

However, the quantity of the medicinal ingredients in each potion had to be adjusted precisely, and that was the most challenging part of the Pseudo-death Potion.

 A slight difference in the quantity would lead to a failed potion.

 However, the color of the potion in his hand was so pure that it was practically identical to the one he saw at Ye Qings place.

 Pu Lisi took a deep breath and then glared at Shen Yanxiao.

From where did that abnormal devilled kid come from How could he have replicated Ye Qings most recent potion to such perfection

 He knew that the kid had only been at the library for one short week!

 It seemed like the kid had learned a top-tiered intermediate-level potion that was comparable to an advanced-level potion in one week.

That fact alone would make other people go crazy.

 “Great Master Pu Lisi” The teachers had to broach Pu Lisi carefully due to his frightening aura.

 Pu Lisi snorted as he pushed the Pseudo-death Potion in his hands toward that teacher before he looked at Shen Yanxiao.

 “Youve won the competition!”



 Everyone was shocked by Pu Lisis announcement.

 What had happened

 Why did Pu Lisi announce Shen Yanxiaos victory so suddenly, especially after he looked as if he was in a daze when he analyzed her potion

 What the hell had happened What potion did Shen Yanxiao make that could beat Shangguan Xiaos Replenish Potion

 “Great Master Pu Lisi, could you please explain whats going on” The teachers were also confused with the turn of events.

Pu Lisi replied with a firm expression, “This kid had produced the Pseudo-death Potion that Great Master Ye Qing had invented recently.

It is the top intermediate-level potion, only a step beneath an advanced-level potion!”

 He did not want to admit it.

However, Pu Lisi had no choice but to accept Shangguan Xiaos defeat.

 Even though the Replenish Potion was powerful, it still was not comparable to the Pseudo-death Potion!

 “A potion that Great Master Ye Qing… recently invented” the key of the teachers voice went up a notch.

What sort of status did the Great Master Ye Qing have How was it possible that Shen Jue, a first-year student, knew how to make a new potion that Ye Qing had invented

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