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Ye Qing did not expect that Shen Yanxiao would have the ability to produce the Pseudo-death Potion, which he had invented, after only a few observations.

What kind of perception and memory skills would one need to have to achieve that

 That kid was much more talented than he had expected, and even Luo De was surprised.

 Had that kid really learned to concoct a potion after only a few observations of the process What kind of joke was that

 The Pseudo-death Potion was not the same as the Aura Concealment Potion.

The latter only required about a dozen medicinal ingredients while the Pseudo-death Potion needed more than forty types.

Furthermore, there were many slight adjustments necessary for the two initial potions, and she would need to remember all the subtle information precisely to apply it to a real situation.

 That kid must not have been human!

 “Shen Jue is worthy of our molding.

It looks like I should start my teachings soon.” A smile surfaced on Ye Qings face.

Shen Yanxiaos talents had exceeded his expectations, and there was no need to continue his initial observations as he believed that the kid deserved his guidance.

In the afternoon, Shen Yanxiao found a teacher from the Herbalist Division who could lead her to the Saint Laurent Academys medicine storage room.

 The medicine storage room was located in the Herbalist Divisions backyard.

There was only a single building in that yard, and one could see that the whole storage room had occupied a rather huge area.

 The teacher brought Shen Yanxiao to the entrance of the medicine storage room, and there were four young men at both sides of the door.

 The door was about four meters high and six meters wide, and it looked rather imposing.

The teacher handed a scroll to one of the young men, and he proceeded to open the door after he read the contents of the scroll.

 Shen Yanxiao noticed the young man had tapped nine times on the door to get it to open.

She tried her best to observe everything and paid close attention as she stood there in silence.

A faint medicinal scent assaulted her nose when the door was unlocked.

 One by one, copious amounts of aged wooden cabinets appeared before Shen Yanxiaos line of sight.

She could not even see the end of the line with a single glance.

 “Shen Jue, please go in and choose your ingredients.

I will not be following you inside,” the teacher instructed.

“Alright.” Shen Yanxiao nodded obediently, but her eyes twinkled with a crafty glint.

At the same time, Shen Yanxiao commanded Xiu, “Xiu, please see if there are any magical arrays inside.”

 She was not familiar with magical arrays, and so she allocated the task to the great buddha, Xiu.

 “Very well,” Xiu answered.

Then, Shen Yanxiao stepped into the medicine storage room.

The moment she entered the room, she noticed that something was amiss, and Xiu answered her doubts the very next second.

“Theres a powerful magical array at the entrance, and it will fluctuate every time someone crosses the barrier.

I noticed that the guards made a few hand movements earlier, so that was probably why you could enter the room safely.

I think the magical array is attached to the door.”

 Shen Yanxiao touched her chin.

She thought that the young mans movements were odd, and so she paid more attention to him.

She did not expect that a seemingly ordinary door would be engraved with such powerful magic.

 Shen Yanxiao took note of what Xiu had said as she finally entered the medicine storage room.

 She had to admit that she was amazed by the Saint Laurent Academys medicine storage room.

There were hundreds of cabinets of medicinal ingredients, and every single cabinet had 108 drawers of valuable ingredients in it.

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