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Chapter 327: Searching for Treasures in the Medicine Storage Room (2)

“You dared to belittle me! Who said that I dont know how to identify medicinal ingredients.

Ill have you know that the items here are not even worthy of my eyes.

Those Lingzhi Snow Lotus that you humans see as precious ingredients are merely snacks to me!”

That was too much! Not only did that little human abuse him, she even dared to question his strength.

That was intolerable!

“Do you only want me to look for medicinal ingredients Just you wait, Ill get you all the best medicinal ingredients in this rundown place in mere minutes!”

After he said that, the Vermilion Bird immediately flew into the air and floated back and forth between each of the cabinets.

Shen Yanxiao looked at the Vermilion Birds small figure as it flew around, and she did not know whether she should laugh or cry.

The Vermillion Bird had an extremely pure personality, and that made her feel unfulfilled.

She did not feel as if she did anything wrong when she bullied the mythical beast.

Since she had the Vermilion Birds help, Shen Yanxiao was all too happy to be idle.

She decided to walk around the medicine storage room in relaxed steps.

Most of the time, she only glanced at the medicinal ingredients on both of her sides.

However, she did not notice anything unusual.

Even though the prize for the Herbalist Divisions competition seemed attractive, in reality, it was to challenge ones abilities.

There were tens of thousands of different medicinal ingredients in the large medicine storage room.

If the winner wanted to select something great in only one afternoon, it would take patience and tons of luck.

Shangguan Xiao had been persistent in participating and winning the monthly competitions, and it was likely because he had yet to finish browsing all the medicinal ingredients in the storage room.

Shen Yanxiao did not continue to linger at the cabinets near the entrance.

Instead, she walked into the depths of the room.

Based on her experience as a thief goddess, the better items were always hidden deep inside a room.

The ones placed near the entrance were ordinary ingredients that one could purchase in any random shop.

Shen Yanxiao immediately made her way into the deeper parts of the room.

As she continued to walk, she noticed that the tags used on the cabinets had changed, and she also saw many medicinal ingredients used in intermediate-level potions.

It looked like her prediction had been correct.

After a while, Shen Yanxiao finally reached the end of the medicine storage room, and she could see a few wooden cabinets there.

She walked toward one of the cabinets and glanced at the ingredients names.

However, even though those medicinal ingredients were far more valuable than those at the entrance, they were also not what Shen Yanxiao had in mind.

“Thats weird.

This is such a big medicine storage room.

Is there no medicinal ingredient that we can take to show off” Shen Yanxiao frowned.

Little did she know that the ingredients that she had dismissed were extremely precious to some herbalists.

Of course, one should not blame her for that.

With her financial capability, she did not consider the items that she could purchase as rare and precious.

She wanted priceless treasures that one could not buy with money or gold coins.

Shen Yanxiao had no other choice but to continue with her search.

Just as Shen Yanxiao was feeling doubtful, the Vermillion Bird had made some discoveries.

“Hey, little girl.

What kind of medicinal ingredients are you looking for The items in the cabinets at the corners of north, south, east, and west are somewhat different.

You might want to have a look at those.” The Vermillion Bird had swept across the entire room at high speed.

There was no doubt that mythical beasts had natural borne advantages if they were to search for medicinal ingredients.

They could find valuable ingredients with just a sniff in the air, and such talent was incomparable.

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