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Shen Yanxiao frowned.

It sounded like a hazardous plant, so why was it mixed in with the other medicinal ingredients When she looked into the drawer, she could see some ordinary Baize in it too.

 “Wouldnt that make this a dangerous plant” Ouyang Huanyu had tasked Ye Qing and the other Great Herbalists to work on the Blood Banquet Potion for Yun Qi, and one of the ingredients needed for that potion was Baize.

If the herbalists used the Moling plant instead of the Baize plant in the Blood banquet Potion, would that not harm Yun Qi

 Shen Yanxiao wondered if she should destroy that plant.

If Xiu was right, then the Moling plant could very well hurt both Ye Qing and Yun Qi.

 Yun Qi was her mentor, and she owed him a debt of gratitude, while Ye Qing had also extended much help to her.

She did not want to see either of them hurt.

 Even though Shen Yanxiao was a heartless person, she respected the elders who cared for her with sincerity.

That was a value she acquired from when she learned her thieving skills in her previous life.

She had been a small figure in the organization, bound to be a sacrificial pawn at some point in her life.

Fortunately, the number one thief god in the organization favored her and had imparted his skills onto her.

If he had not done that, she would not have become a world-renowned number one thief-goddess.

 Shen Yanxiao had great respect for the teacher who had taught her everything she had known.

 The teacher had told her that people like them lived in the darkness.

They could afford to abandon everything in their lives, except for the gratitude between a mentor and a student.

Shen Yanxiao had kept his words in her heart.

 ‘Once a mentor, always a mentor. That was the principle that she firmly believed in.

 “If it is used in potions, it would become a horrible poison.

There is no cure for humans in terms of herbalism.

However, it is the perfect plant to breed demonic beasts.”

 Shen Yanxiao thought hard about what Xiu had said as she felt that he was trying to give her a hint.

 “You said that this thing could produce dark elements.

If I remember correctly, you also said that you require demonic cores and dark elements to help you to recover your strength.

If this Moling plant can produce dark elements on its own, does that mean you can extract it directly from the plant

 Xiu required a large number of demonic cores, but if she were to obtain all the cores in the Longxuan Empire, it was still not enough.

 If the Moling plant was that powerful, would it not be great if she could use it

 Xiu pondered about that for a moment before he said, “Even though that is feasible, Im afraid that my present strength would render it hard to use, especially if I am to solely rely on the Moling plant.

If you can find some Skeleton Flowers and Flame Grass, and use them for cultivation, then it can indeed replace the effects of those demonic cores.

By then, I will only need a month to help you to break the fourth seal.”

 He required only one month to do that Shen Yanxiaos eyes lit up immediately.

Based on the speed of her efforts in gathering the demonic cores, it would probably take at least a year before she could break the fourth seal.

Furthermore, that could only happen if she had enough demonic cores.

Since she had bought large quantities of those cores, the number of cores in the entire Longxuan Empire continued to decrease.

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