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There might even be a day when she could no longer find any demonic cores.

If she could find all the plants required for the cultivation, then she would no longer have to worry about finding more demonic cores.

The ones that she had could also be used on Clemance.

 At the moment, due to the insufficiency of the demonic cores, she had to feed everything to Xiu.

She had not used any of the cores on Clemance, which she had in her hands.

 “Where can I find Skeleton Flower and Flame Grass” Shen Yanxiao was tempted.

She prayed that those two plants were not from the Demon Clan.

Otherwise, she would never get them, even if she were to sacrifice her life.

 Xiu thought about it for a moment before he said, “Im not sure where you can find them in the human realm.

I do know that the Skeleton Flower will usually grow at places where demonic beasts converge.

The flowers also require corpses as nutrients for it to grow.

As for the Flame Grass, you can find them in a Phoenixs nest.”

 “A Phoenix” Shen Yanxiao blinked.

The Phoenixes in that world were different from the ones in her memories.

They were also a type of demonic beasts.

Based on records found in books, they were as rare as the Phoenixes that she knew.

 “A Phoenix doesnt seem to be very powerful.

Well give it a go if we find one.” Shen Yanxiao touched her chin.

Based on records, Phoenixes were usually eighth or ninth-ranked, and they were classified as high-level beasts.

Since she already had a twelfth-ranked Vermillion Bird, would it not be an easy task to capture a Phoenix

 Yet, Xiu decided to rain on her parade.

 “Eighth to ninth-ranked Are you referring to a newborn phoenix A Phoenix has the strength of an eighth-ranked demonic beast when they are born, and it would rise to the tenth-rank when they reach adulthood, which is similar to the Vermilion Bird.

Furthermore, all Phoenixes have a special trait, and that is resurrection.

If they perish at a place with a strong fire element, they will be resurrected and also break through to the twelfth-rank directly.

Some will also advance straight to the thirteenth-rank to become a legendary sage beast.”

 “Thirteenth-ranked… sage beast” Shen Yanxiao gulped as she could not even begin to imagine the strength of a sage beast.

 The Vermillion Birth had only the strength of a twelfth-ranked beast, and it was already powerful enough to crush all magical beasts in the continent without any pressure.

 A single mythical beast had been powerful enough to help the Shen Family to rise from an unknown clan into a powerful drive behind the monarchs force in establishing the Longxuan Empire.

As for a sage beast…

 She could not imagine that scene, no matter how much she wondered about it.

 Shen Yanxiao turned toward the Vermilion Bird, who had his arms crossed, and asked with hesitation, “Vermilion Bird, how does your strength compare to a sage beast”

 The Vermillion Bird frowned and grumbled reluctantly, “Are you joking You want me to compare a mythical beast like myself with a sage beast Is that not the same as comparing those high-level magical beasts with me”

 High-level magical beast and a mythical beast…

 When Shen Feng invited the sage from the God Realm to awaken the Vermilion Bird, he had gifted him with two eighth-ranked magical beasts.

If they were not that difficult to capture, Shen Fengs heart would not ache even if he had to give a dozen of those magical beasts.

 That was the difference between a high-level magical beast and a mythical beast.

She could also guess the gap between them.

 Shen Yanxiaos lips twitched.

A Phoenix was an eighth-ranked high-level magical beast the moment they were born, and they would only become as strong as a mythical beast once they reached adulthood.

If they were to encounter one that had been resurrected, it would probably be a legendary sage beast.

Therefore, if she wanted to get the Flame Grass from their nest, it would be a frightening journey indeed.

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