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When the teacher saw the medicinal ingredient in her hand, he nodded and said, “Baize That is a precious ingredient indeed.

Thats a good choice.”

 The teacher had been worried that the little kid would casually select a random ingredient before he came out of the room.

He relaxed when he realized that the kid had grabbed a pretty useful item.

 He paid more attention to the kid because he was the super prodigy that defeated Shangguan Xiao.

It was only natural that the teachers wanted to take extra care of such outstanding seedlings in their division.

They hoped that the kid would be able to do the Herbalist Division of the Saint Laurent Academy proud one day.

 Shen Yanxiao quirked her eyebrows.

It seemed like the teacher did not notice the difference between the Moling plant and the Baize plant.

 That was not their fault either.

Shen Yanxiao had been curious about the subtle difference with the plant in her hand, but if it were not for Xiu, she would not have known that it was a different plant altogether.

 After all, the Demon Clan had left the continent for thousands of years.

Over the long years, the people had forgotten many things about them.

 Furthermore, it was only a small stalk of a plant.

 When she confirmed that no one could recognize the plant as the Moling plant, Shen Yanxiao moved the item into her space ring with much satisfaction.

Then she quietly observed the guards as they closed the doors to the medicine storage room.

 Before the doors were fully shut, Shen Yanxiao noticed that the guards had touched several parts of the door, and it was entirely different movements than when they opened the door.

She made a note of them so that she could discuss it with Qi Xia.

 Then, Shen Yanxiao left the medicine storage room.

 Qi Xia and the rest of them had nothing better to do in the afternoon, and so they had gathered at the backroom of the casino.

 Shen Yanxiao changed her clothes and made her way there.

 The underground casino had been doing well under the Qilin familys management.

Large quantities of gold coins, magical cores, medicinal ingredients, demonic cores, and other strange items had made their way onto the casinos tables.

 Since there were no restrictions in the gambling capital, more and more people had visited the casino, and the casino had also accumulated a shocking amount of wealth.

 Shen Yanxiao walked through the passageway that Qi Xia had provided them, which would lead them directly to their rest area in the backroom.

 The casinos backroom was about two hundred square meters wide, and it had been designated as a rest area for the members ofPhantom. The entire area had been divided into three smaller spaces.

 One of the spaces was used as a kitchen, one as a conference room, and the last one was assigned as a lounge section.

Shen Yanxiao had thought it was weird when Qi Xia proposed the usage of the three different rooms.

Why would those pampered young masters need a kitchen

 Sometime after that, she found out that the handsome Yan Yu was not only an amazing priest, but he was also a talented chef.

 When Shen Yanxiao arrived at the rest area, Qi Xia, Tang Nazhi, and Yan Xi were in a discussion as they sat on the soft couch in the lounge.

She smelled something incredible the moment she entered the room.

 “Is Ah Yu cooking” The smell was so heavenly that Shen Yanxiao ignored the other three members and made her way into the kitchen.

 Yan Yus slender figure was in front of the stove, and he looked busy with his cooking.

 “What delicious food are you making now” Shen Yanxiao slipped into the kitchen to stand beside Yan Yu, and then she tiptoed to look at the delightful food inside the pot.

 “Youre back Go and wait outside with the rest of them.

The food will be ready in a moment.” A kind smile blossomed on Yan Yus gentle face.

It did not seem weird that he was holding a pot in one hand.

Instead, it made her feel warm inside.

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