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In modern times, such a dashing young man like Yan Yu, who was excellent in both domestic and social affairs, would be praised as the best companion in the century.

 It was hard to imagine that a young master from an aristocratic family would have an interest in cooking.

“Okay,” Shen Yanxiao said with a smile.

After she greeted Yan Yu, she returned to the lounge area.

When the other three members noticed her return from the kitchen, all of them laughed heartily.

“Little cat, are you hungry” Tang Nazhi teased her.

Even though Yan Yu always looked sickly, the food that he cooked could win against any other dishes.

Even the cooks in the palace were not comparable to his skills.

 However, to date, only the other four members had the chance to taste his cooking.

 “What have you profited this afternoon Youve returned so quickly.” Qi Xia was more concerned about Shen Yanxiaos trip to the medicine storage room.

 As a merchant family, the Qilin family had some knowledge about the Saint Laurent Academys medicine storage room.

A portion of its medicinal ingredients was purchased from their auction houses.

 Shen Yanxiao shrugged her shoulders and said, “I found something good.”

 Qi Xia and the other two members did not ask anything further.

Except for Tang Nazhi, all of them were utterly ignorant about herbalism.

They only wanted to know if her trip had been worthwhile.

 “Did you remember the magical arrays at the medicine storage room” Qi Xia asked.

Shen Yanxiao nodded and described in detail about the two different arrays that she had seen.

Then, she drew the arrays on a piece of paper.

 Qi Xia frowned as he stared at the two drawings that Shen Yanxiao had made.

 “Are you saying that the guards had traced two different sets of patterns when you went in and came out” Qi Xia asked.

Shen Yanxiao nodded.

She had also found that to be weird.

Qi Xia touched his chin, and his fox-like eyes narrowed.

 “Magical arrays usually have a fixed unlocking pattern, and you can only enter and exit freely after the array had been undone with the correct pattern.

Otherwise, the array would push you away from the door, and it would alert the person who laid the array too.

But youre saying that you saw two different unlocking patterns, and thats weird.”

 “Why so” Shen Yanxiao asked.

 “The arrays in the medicine storage room might not be a simple single magical array.

It could very well be a nonagon magical array.

For this type of arrays, the pattern would change every time it is locked.

Only the person who laid it would know the next pattern.

The guards you saw were probably experts with the standard of a Great Magus.

They must have used their combined efforts to lay the magical array.

Even if one of them went rogue, they still cant open the door without the others help.”

 The nonagon magical array was an advanced magical array, and it was indeed worthy of safeguarding those precious medicinal ingredients in that storage room.

 “Then, is there any way to undo it” Shen Yanxiao asked in doubt.

 There was a room filled with precious medicinal ingredients, and yet she could not get her hands on them.

The very thought of that made her want to vomit blood.

Even so, the magical array was a headache.

Qi Xia narrowed his eyes in thought, and then he said, “Its not impossible, but it will be quite challenging to unlock it.

We will need 81 magical cores of third grade and above.

We also need several things from the corpse of a magical beast as the medium to unlock it.”

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