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Chapter 337: Cave Wolves Mercenary Group (3)

The availability of parts from the corpses of magical beasts was quite limited.

Based on Shen Yanxiaos requirements, the prices of those items would be even more expensive.

Qi Xia had explicitly asked for parts from magical beasts that had died no longer than seven days ago.

So Shen Yanxiao had to follow his request.

“Thank you, but I shall keep to my request.

The price would not be a problem either, as long as you can get me what I want.”

The mercenaries who saw the exchange were speechless at Shen Yanxiaos insistence.

They knew that the effects of those items would not differ much, regardless of the magical beasts time of death.

Some might have a slightly weakened effect, but its price would be significantly lower.

“That kid is too stubborn.

He could have saved quite a large sum of money had he relented a bit,” one of the mercenaries had muttered.

Those mercenaries sighed at Shen Yanxiaos stubbornness, but they did not know that the little kid before them did not lack money.

The young woman checked again, and then she said, “I found the items that you wanted.

The Cave Wolves Mercenary Group in the city has what you require.

The items include a pair of fifth-ranked Snow Tigers eyes, a fifth-ranked Armoured Tortoises scales, and a fifth-ranked Maple Shaft Houses horn.

These three items do meet your requirements, but they are asking for three thousand gold coins for them.

I can contact them if you are interested in purchasing the items.”

“The Cave Wolves Mercenary Group!” The mercenaries at the side were stunned when they heard the name of that group.

There were at least a hundred different groups of mercenaries in the entire Black City, and more than a dozen of those were mid-sized groups.

Among those, the Cave Wolves Mercenary Group was the most reputable one.

The group had about eighty members in their organization.

Even though they did not have the most members amongst the mid-sized groups, they were the strongest ones in the Black City.

Their members had pretty high-level skills and capabilities.

Some people also said that more than half of their members were at the intermediate-level of their professions.

They even had seven advanced-level members.

It was quite rare to see so many strong mercenaries in a single group.

Most of the mid-sized groups of mercenaries would have only one or two advanced-level members.

However, the Cave Wolves Mercenary Group had seven of them.

The group would always take up missions that none of the other groups would dare to accept.

The Cave Wolves Mercenary Group was the strongest in the Black City, and the rewards that they requested for each of their missions also far exceeded the other groups.

They were the only group that could meet Shen Yanxiaos requirements.

Shen Yanxiao had not heard of them before, and so she did not understand why the other mercenaries looked so surprised when they heard that particular name.

However, as long as they had what she needed, then it was enough for her.

She proceeded to take out the purple crystal card that she had acquired previously.

“You can take the funds from this card,” Shen Yanxiao said as she passed the purple crystal card to the young woman.

“What the f*ck! A purple crystal card! Who is that kid” The mercenaries jaws dropped when they saw the card in Shen Yanxiaos hand.

Only those who had tens of millions in their card would get to own that purple card!

Mercenaries like them could only earn ten thousand gold coins a year, even if they worked hard and exhausted themselves the entire year.

The money that they had was negligible when compared to ten million gold coins.

To think that they had complained about the kid for being poor.

A few hundred gold coins were only a drop in the bucket for wealthy people like him!

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