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As Du Lang handed the items to Shen Yanxiao, he secretlysized up thatlittle customer. He had been around the Black City for years, and based on the kids facial bone structure, he could discern that Shen Yanxiaos appearance was not her own.

Disguise masks were one of the most common items in Black City, but it was also apparent that the quality of the mask that Shen Yanxiao had was more exquisite than the highest quality ones sold in the Black City.

If Du Lang did not have an exceptional understanding of the human bone structure, he would not have noticed her disguise mask.

He knew that no simple situation would need items from a fifth-ranked magical beast.

Those items were usually only required in advanced potions and magical arrays.

Even though the little kid looked inconspicuous, he was also quite generous with his money and behaved in a manner that was not consistent with how he looked.

Furthermore, Du Lang had a wide reputation in the Black City, and people would more or less react whenever they heard his name.

He had observed Shen Yanxiaos reaction earlier, and it seemed as if she was rather unmoved by the mention of his name.

She was also very concise with her words, and she spoke with no hint of anxiety or any superfluous words.

She was so skilled that she did not look like an ordinary kid at all.

There was a rumor among the masses about a secret method that could change a persons outer appearance.

It could even allow a seven-foot-tall man to shrink into the size of a young child.

Du Lang could not help but associate Shen Yanxiao with that secret method from the rumor.

The rumor also said that anyone who knew that secret method would also possess fathomless strength.

Du Lang tried to re-evaluate Shen Yanxiao discreetly.

It was no surprise that Du Lang would have such a conjecture.

The kid looked poor and even lacked any distinguishable achievement.

However, he had come to the mercenary guild to spend a large sum of money on parts from mid-level magical beasts.

That action itself was a little inconceivable.

Furthermore, Shen Yanxiao did not have the verbal skills and behavior that a child should have.

That was what led Du Lang to that theory.

After she got the items, Shen Yanxiao did not pay any attention to Du Lang.

She was more concerned about breaking the nonagon magical arrays in the Saint Laurent Academys medicine storage room.

If she could gain free access to the room, then she would be able to gather most of the ingredients that she needed for the Blood Banquet Potion.

It would save her a lot of trouble too.

Silence enveloped the lounge area when Shen Yanxiao inspected the items.

As she was about to leave, another tall figure walked into the room.

A young man around twenty-five years old walked toward Du Lang in massive strides.

“Leader, we have just received a mission,” the young man said.

Du Lang looked at him and asked, “What mission”

The young man was a member of the Cave Wolves Mercenary Group.

Even though he did not have the best strength, he was a brilliant man.

Everyone knew that the leader had gone out personally to make a delivery.

If it were not an urgent matter, they would not have troubled him.

The young man looked at Shen Yanxiao and wondered why a little kid would appear in the Mercenary Guilds lounge area.

Did the leader not say that someone had purchased the parts from mid-level magical beasts Why did he not see the customer

The young man was doubtful for a brief moment before he recovered his senses and said, “Its a mission to kill a magical beast, but the target is very rare.

Its in the Mercenary Guilds lounge area.

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