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Shen Yanxiao heard the wordPhoenix just as she was about to leave.

Sher immediately stopped in her tracks.

It was as if her thoughts had manifested itself right before her.

Xiu had informed her that one could find Flame Grass in a Phoenixs nest, and she immediately heard something about it the very next day For the sake of the grass, Shen Yanxiao decided to listen in to what the young man had to say before she made any plans.


An eighth-ranked Phoenix

Xiu had mentioned that a Phoenix was an eighth-rank magical beast the moment they were born.

Did that the clients mission involved a newborn Phoenix

Shen Yanxiao frowned as she felt that something was amiss.

Du Lang was also stunned for a brief moment when he heard the wordPhoenix.

They had only heard about the Phoenixes in rumors.

No one had actually seen one for hundreds of years.

However, it seemed like someone had entrusted a new mission to kill a Phoenix, and that was already something that one could hardly believe.

“Are you sure youre not mistaken” Du Lang was also suspicious about the mission.

The young man nodded and said, “I am sure! The client offered a very high reward, and we are not the only group they contacted.

I think more than a dozen mid-sized groups in the city had also received the same mission.”

Du Lang touched his chin.

Since the client dared to issue large-scale recruitment for mercenary groups, it must be a solid piece of information.

False information would always lead to a missions failure, and the employer would have to compensate the mercenary groups according to the usual regulations.


A Phoenix…

“It has been hundreds of years since anyone saw a Phoenix, and anything we know about them was from the information found in books.

If this person has more knowledge about a Phoenix, then it wouldnt hurt if we were to accompany them on this trip.” As mercenaries, wealth was their ultimate pursuit, and anything else meant very little to them.

An eighth-ranked magical beast was considered a high-level magical beast, and most ordinary mid-sized groups would not be able to kill them.

Therefore, the client had gathered all of the mid-sized groups in the Black City to handle that mission.

It was no small effort to make that sort of arrangement.

“Xiu, dont you find that weird” Shen Yanxiao found the situation to be even stranger as she continued to listen to their conversation.

“An eighth-ranked Phoenix is only a baby.

Do you think a newly born baby Phoenix would appear alone” Shen Yanxiao frowned.

She finally knew what was weird about that situation.

A newborn Phoenix would definitely have its set of parents nearby.

Adult Phoenixes were as strong as mythical beasts, and the Cave Wolves Mercenary Group only received information about a single eighth-ranked Phoenix.

That was the whole reason why the entire thing sounded strange.

Unless that young beast had separated from its parents not long after it was born, otherwise it would never appear by itself.

However, there was also zero chance that the scent-sensitive magical beasts would lose their young ones.

They would still be able to search for the scent of their younglings even though they were eight hundred miles apart.

“Its apparent that theres something wrong with the information that they had received.

The human race these days has a serious lack of knowledge about the Phoenixes.

They only know that the Phoenix is a rare magical beast, but they do not understand the extent of their strength,” Xiu replied casually.

One could hear his disdain for the human race in his ice-cold tone.

Shen Yanxiao noticed that Xiu had used a strange word when he said that—the human race!

Could Xiu really not be a human

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