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Evil Wolf got even more baffled as he continued to think about it.

He had yet to have a conversation with Shen Yanxiao ever since she joined their Cave Wolves Mercenary Group.

He still had some hesitance toward that dead weight.

However, had Du Lang actually asked the kid for some information on the Phoenix What a joke! How would a kid like him know anything about that

Since the kid was still so young, he had probably read some fairy tales somewhere and learned the namePhoenix from the books.

“Huo Xiao, can you describe some of the Phoenixs habits It might be able to help with our preparations for the mission,” Du Lang made another attempt at the questions.

He knew that Huo Xia had deliberately kept information from him.

He had no choice but to try and fish the information from her.

Shen Yanxiao looked at Du Lang.

She knew that he would look for other opportunities to ask her, even if she continued to keep her lips shut.

“The Phoenix is a fire-elemental magical beast, and they are good with fire magic.

Their nests are usually built at places that brim with fire elements.

As long as the territory includes the Phoenixs dwelling, then the temperature in the surrounding area would be higher than other places.” Shen Yanxiao chose to disclose a few random and insignificant information to Du Lang.

“A place brimming with fire elements” Du Lang narrowed his eyes.

Shen Yanxiaos information proved useful to him.

Even though the client had deliberately concealed the location of the nest, Du Lang could still conclude a few possible areas based on Shen Yanxiaos tips.

“Mount Kuluo is in the northeast direction of the Longxuan Empire.

The fire elements there are pretty dense, and the temperature is much higher than in other places.

The vegetations there are also mostly heat-resistant, like the Iron Tree and Fire Dusk Grass.

Mid-level magical beasts often roam around the area, and so people rarely venture to that place.

Based on your information about the Phoenix preferring to stay somewhere with the fire elements, then the only place that fits that requirement and remains closest to the Black City is Mount Kuluo.”

Du Lang paused for a moment before he continued, “Mount Kuluo was one of the battlefields for the gods and the demons in wars of the past.

The environment there had accumulated extremely strong fire elements due to the battles, and if humans were to stay there for a prolonged period, the fire elements would shatter their veins.

Thats why there are no cities nearby the mountain, and no one from the Black City would ever want to venture that far.”

One could say that Mount Kuluo was one of the forbidden places in the Longxuan Empire.

Even though the last battle between the gods and the demons took place thousands of years ago, their magic left a lasting mark on the land.

No life would grow in areas where those immortal beings clashed.

Even vegetations with strong vitality could not survive there.

Time did not erase the memory of that disastrous battle from the mind of the humans.

Instead, as time passed, forces with a long history that dated back to tens of thousands of years ago told stories about how two of the most powerful races in that world had clashed in a calamitous war on that land.

Countless demons fell as their purplish blood covered the earth while some of the celestial gods perished, and others lost their divine powers.

That was a history lesson that one would not be able to forget as it was the fiercest battle between the gods and the demons.

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