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He had known about the dangers that they might encounter in the road ahead.

However, he did not intend to run away from any threat.

Someone like him was a true mercenary, indeed!

Once they had accepted a mission, they would give their utmost to complete it, even if they had to pay a high price.

Shen Yanxiao sighed at Du Langs statement.

She noticed that Evil Wolf, who was in the same carriage, did not have a hint of hesitation with the conversation that she had with Du Lang.

He had a rather mild reaction to Du Langs perseverance as if everything was a matter of course.

The Cave Wolves Mercenary Group deserved its top spot in the Black City.

They had an intelligent and prudent leader, and their members also inherited his principles.

All of them would stick to their honor as a mercenary despite a missions difficulties and dangers.

Du Lang heroism moved Shen Yanxiao, and in that instant, she sincerely admired that mighty mercenary leader.

The Cave Wolves Mercenary Group might not have been the largest mercenary group, but it was the best one in the Longxuan Empire.

All of its members held many credos that the other mercenaries had abandoned.

It was because of those principles that an insignificant person could learn to become stronger.

“It is only Mount Kuluo and the demonic beasts that dwelled there.

It might be dangerous, but we have the numbers to handle it if the need arises.

We have quite a few advanced-level experts too.

Furthermore, the clients arent exactly weak peasants.

If those demonic beasts wanted to attack us, they had better think thrice!” Du Lang snorted.

They had more than a thousand men with them.

As long as they stayed together, those demonic beasts would not dare to attack them.

“The mercenary group that perished did not fail because of the magical and demonic beasts, but it was caused by their own ignorance of Mount Kuluo.

Now that we know thats where were heading, at least we could prepare ourselves, even if this is our last destination,” Du Lang said decisively.

Since he knew about the dangers ahead, he could instruct his subordinates to make more preparations.

Du Lang immediately called on a horse-riding mercenary and gave him a few instructions.

Then he asked him to pass the message along to the members in the other carriages.

Du Lang could finally relax when his fellow mercenary did all that.

He trusted that his brothers would not suffer in the hands of those foolish demonic beasts.

Then, Du Lang decided to get more information about the Phoenix from Shen Yanxiao.

Since she was quite impressed with Du Langs characteristics, Shen Yanxiao decided to share more relevant information with him.

Du Lang was quite surprised by what he had heard, and he looked at her with a more serious expression.

It was just as he had expected.

Huo Xiao was definitely not just a simple figure, and he had been right when he invited her along for the mission.

The two people in a conversation forgot about the silent Evil Wolf, who had sat by their side while they talked.

When he heard of the information that Shen Yanxiao had revealed, his eyes got as big as saucers.

That little kid…

How did he know so much about the Phoenix

Furthermore, when he saw how Shen Yanxiao conversed with Du Lang, he had a feeling that the kid was not only thirteen years old.

She had such calmness and wisdom, and none of the traces of childishness that a kid should have had!

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