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Was the sun about to rise from the west

Wild Wolf looked at Evil Wolf in surprise.

It seemed like Evil Wolf had a 180-degree change in attitude.

Wild Wolf could hardly believe what he had heard.

Did that guy not complain to them about how the little kid that their leader had invited was nothing but trouble Why did he change his tune after only a day He had even asked them not to cause any problem for that dead weight.

What exactly had happened in just one day

“Huo Xiao Thats the little kids name Did something happen in that carriage Why are you behaving so strangely”

Wild Wolf was still puzzled even after he had thought about it.

However, Evil Wolf did not say anything more.

Before they got down from the carriage, Du Lang had told Evil Wolf to keep their conversations a secret.

He did not want to bring up the matter before they went on Mount Kuluo as he wanted to prevent the other mercenaries from having any inappropriate thoughts about his guest.

Therefore, no matter how hard Wild Wolf questioned him, Evil Wolf had decisively kept his mouth shut.

The other four wolves also tried to question Evil Wolf about his change of heart, but they had the same result as Wild Wolf, and that was nothing.

Du Lang smiled discreetly when he noticed the change in Evil Wolfs attitude.

He had arranged for them to be in the same carriage so that Evil Wolf could personally see the contrast in Huo Xiao.

He had also deliberately asked Huo Xiao about the Phoenix while they were in the carriage so that Evil Wolf would realize that their little temporary member was not as he seemed.

When he noticed Evil Wolfs changed attitude, he realized that his arrangements had not been in vain.

Evil Wolf was the protective umbrella that he had arranged for Shen Yanxiao.

If Evil Wolf continued to be dissatisfied with her, then he could not guarantee that he would protect her wholeheartedly.

Since he had understood the situation with Shan Yanxiao, Du Lang knew that he would not be negligent with his task.

Shen Yanxiao had already guessed Du Langs intentions, but she did not say anything about it.

In any case, she was not bothered about Evil Wolfs protection as she had the Vermillion Bird with her.

As the Cave Wolves Mercenary Group began to enjoy their dinner, the other groups had only managed to assemble their tents, and they had only started their bonfires.

They could only continue to swallow their own saliva as they smelled the delicious food.

Some of their stomachs had even growled.

The leaders of those mercenary groups felt even more ashamed.

They had always known that the Cave Wolves Mercenary Group were stronger than them, but that had only been in terms of strength.

They had never expected the other differences would be so glaring when all of them gathered together.

The harmonious dynamic between the members of the Cave Wolves Mercenary Group far exceeded the other groups, and such naked comparison had embarrassed the other group leaders.

Therefore, they had rushed their subordinates to complete their work as soon as possible to avoid even more humiliation.

When the other mercenaries finally got to eat their piping hot dinner, the Cave Wolves Mercenary Group had already cleaned up after themselves.

They had gathered around the bonfires for a casual chat.

The other leaders continued to be ashamed of the speed disparity between their groups and the Cave Wolves Mercenary.

The leaders had even started to discreetly curse the top groups members for the great qualities that they had.

All of them were mercenaries, but why were their subordinates like scarecrows when compared to the members from the Cave Wolves Mercenary Group

They were simply not comparable to them!

Furthermore, the client had also taken note of all the differences between the mercenary groups that they had hired.

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