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Except for the members from the Cave Wolves Mercenary Group, no one else knew that they were not there to fight against an eighth-ranked magical beast.

Instead, they were to encounter a twelfth-ranked magical beast that was comparable to a mythical beast.

Those people were still thinking about their future remuneration and the exceptional items that they would find on the Phoenix.

They were not aware of the nightmare that awaited them.

A team of more than a thousand mercenaries started their journey early in the morning.

It had been ten days since they set off from the Black City, and everyones relaxed and joyful emotions had all but disappeared.

They did not know where they were headed, and it was as if they had to move forward aimlessly.

Their initial joyful feelings had been replaced by gradual uneasiness and confusion.

Some of the leaders tried to consult the client about their destination.

If they were to continue the journey without more information about where they were headed, then their subordinates emotions would be significantly affected.

Unfortunately, the client did not give them a satisfactory reply.

He had also reminded them that the missions destination was to remain a secret, and that had managed to keep their mouths shut.

The mercenaries followed stringent rules.

If they had agreed to some conditions before they took up the mission, then they would not have any room for negotiation, no matter the circumstances.

If they were to fall out with their client during the mission, then they would also lose the remuneration for that trip.

There might even be damages to their reputations too.

They had already traveled for ten days, how would they be willing to spend another ten days on a detour without any gains

As a result, a strange atmosphere enveloped the entire team, and everyone had kept their mouth shut.

Their days repeated without any changes as they continued to travel forward.

Of course, the Cave Wolves Mercenary Group was the only exception, as Du Lang had already informed them about the place that they were headed.

When they set off that morning, they had already made the necessary preparations for Mount Kuluo.

During their rest at night, the Cave Wolves Mercenary Group members would use a portion of their time for some light training between the members.

The other mercenaries could not comprehend their actions, especially after a tiring day of traveling.

Why were they so hardworking Even though their mission involved a high-level beast, there were more than a thousand mercenaries in their team, and they also had about twenty to thirty advanced-level experts.

They could certainly take on an eighth-ranked magical beast.

The members of the Cave Wolves Mercenary Group had either been on horseback or sat in a carriage the entire day.

Their bodies must have been stiff from the bumps on the road.

How did those people still have the energy to train when they had to camp for the night

Were they humans or beasts

The other leaders in the group and the client had taken notice of what the Cave Wolves Mercenary Group had done.

In terms of strength, the leaders already knew that their subordinates were inferior to the Cave Wolves Mercenary Group.

However, he did not expect those experts to keep training even as they journeyed toward their destination.

That made him even more ashamed.

Would the client not despise the other mercenary groups because they looked as if they had been lazy

Why were they so heartless They were already powerful, so why did they continue to work that hard How were the other mercenary groups supposed to survive

All the leaders of the mercenary groups felt ashamed, and so they immediately ordered their subordinates to train after a short rest so that they would look as if they werediligent.

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