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Chapter 360: The Clients Cleverness (2)

Unfortunately, how could they compare their physique with those from the Cave Wolves Mercenary Group

They were already drained from an entire day of traveling, and it was finally time for them to rest.

Yet, their leader had ordered them to train That was both unacceptable and intolerable.

The mercenaries who had trained hard at night looked dispirited after only one night as they climbed into their carriages in extreme exhaustion.

Their movements were so sluggish it was as if there were no bones in their bodies.

It probably would have been better if they did not train at night!

At least they would still have some spirit and energy during the day if they did not train the night before.

The training had taken up the last of their rest time, and they would appear extremely worn out the next day.

They looked as if they could not even lift themselves.

The leaders had no choice but to stop all night training when they saw the groups of slow-moving mercenaries.

They decided to abandon the thought that they could compete with the Cave Wolves Mercenary Group.

If they had continued with the night training, they would have tortured themselves to death even before they could match their opponents strength.

Even though the Black City had numerous small and mid-sized groups, it was neither a prosperous nor a large city.

Therefore, the general mercenaries there would not have any outstanding skills.

Any random mid-sized mercenary groups from other flourishing cities could beat them in seconds.

The only group that one would consider an elite team was the Cave Wolves Mercenary Group.

The client and his group of men had taken notice of everyones performance, and they had only contempt for those weak mercenary groups.

For a place where garbage gathered, they actually had the cheek to consider themselves as mid-sized mercenary groups.

Time went slowly by, and on the twelfth day after their departure from the Black City, most of the leaders finally realized their intended destination.

A vast wilderness and cracked soil on the ground greeted them.

Bursts of heat also continued to surge from those cracks.

The team of more than a thousand mercenaries stopped before the wasteland.

When they realized where they were, fear flooded all of the leaders—all, except for Du Lang.

They stared at the wasteland in horror.

The only green foliage that they could see was in between the high mountain range.

The vegetation that covered the mountain also covered their line of sight.

The seemingly ordinary mountain forest was those leaders nightmare!

Mount Kuluo!

They had not expected their destination to be Mount Kuluo!

It was one of the three places that many mercenary groups had listed as a forbidden area in the Longxuan Empire; it was Mount Kuluo!

All the mercenaries turned deathly white at that moment.

They were familiar with the rumors of Mount Kuluo.

It was a place where many elite mercenaries had lost their lives.

Had that actually been their destination

“Are you joking Are you telling me that the Phoenixs nest is on Mount Kuluo” One of the leaders could no longer suppress his shock, and he had gone directly to the client.

He stared at the client with saucer-wide eyes, and his voice was filled with disbelief.

The client shot an indifferent glance at the agitated leader, and a hint of contempt flashed in his eyes.

“Mount Kuluo is a forbidden area for all mercenaries.

I will not follow you in there to suffer the consequences!” Another leader declared his view that instant.

They were there to earn some money, but they still needed to be alive so that they could spend it.

Those mercenaries knew that many dangers awaited them on Mount Kuluo.

The entire mountain was filled with magical beasts, and they also had to worry about demonic beasts that would ambush them at every opportunity.

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