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Chapter 366: Xius Promise (2)

Suddenly, the Vermillion Birds head cleared in an instant, and he looked at Shen Yanxiao in surprise before he surveyed his surroundings.

“You mean theres a mountain here with strong fire elements No wonder I had fallen asleep.

I had sensed the familiar fire elements a while back, and for a brief moment, I thought that I had returned to the Lava Valley.

That was why I felt so sleepy.” Even though he had been bored because he could not venture outside, it was also hard for a mythical beast to fall asleep once they had awakened.

That meant that they could stay awake for hundreds of years at any one time.

A mythical beast would need several elements to be fulfilled before they could get sleepy.

They also would never fall asleep at some random location.

It was more accurate to describe their sleep as training.

When they enter deep sleep, it meant that they were in a place with an abundance of elements that their body required.

Their body would subconsciously devour the elements to increase their strength.

The Vermillion Bird explored a little, and he realized that Shen Yanxiao was right.

The fire elements that surrounded them were in abundance.

“This is weird.

The fire elements are abundant here, and its purity is even higher than Lava Valley.

How did I miss this place” The Vermilion Bird felt a little depressed.

He had been quite proud of Lava Valley, and he did not expect to find an even better place.

Unfortunately, it was evident that the place had already been taken.

“Can you sense the rank of the fire elemental magical beast at the peak of the mountain Is it higher than your rank” Shen Yanxiao asked.

The Vermilion Bird pondered for a moment and said, “If we based it on the sheer amount of fire elements on the mountain, it seemed like the magical beast is indeed stronger than me.

However, sage beasts had gone extinct since the last war between the gods and the devils.

There shouldnt be any left in the world.”

Shen Yanxiaos heart dropped when she heard that.

She had predicted that the Phoenix on Mount Kuluo could very well have the same level as the Vermillion Bird.

However, that adorable mythical beast then mentioned that the Phoenix could be stronger than him.

The Vermilion Bird was a mythical beast at a mythical level.

Only sage-ranked beasts could be stronger than him.

“Could the Phoenix at Mount Kuluo be a sage-ranked beast that had resurrected” Shen Yanxiao could no longer maintain her optimism.

At that moment, Shen Yanxiao could not maintain her optimistic attitude.

The difference between a mythical-level beast and a high-level beast was the same as the disparity between a sage-level beast and a mythical-level beast.

If they were to encounter a mythical-level Phoenix, she could still rely on the Vermilion Bird to deal with it.

However, if it was a sage-level Phoenix, then it was probably better for the Vermillion Bird to avoid that fight.

The Vermilion Bird frowned as he felt that something was amiss.

His perception was not incorrect.

The fire elements at Mount Kuluo were stronger than the ones in Lava Valley, indeed.

Just as the human and a mythical beast were deep in their thoughts, Xius silhouette gradually appeared before them.

The moment the Vermilion Bird saw Xiu, he immediately turned his head away from him and returned to his usual arrogant self.

Even though those two had stayed in Shen Yanxiaos body, they had never seen eye to eye.

Well, it was more accurate to say that the Vermilion Bird was hostile toward the mysterious Xiu.

As for Xiu…

Well, he did not consider the so-called Vermilion Bird as his match.

“Even though sage-level beasts are rare, their existence is not unlikely.

However, I do feel that its energy is somewhat strange.

However, you dont have to be too worried.

Just continue to head toward Mount Kuluo, and well just have to wait and see.” Xiu said with an air of indifference.

He had lived inside Shen Yanxiaos consciousness long enough to grasp the changes in her mind.

He might not have known her exact thought, but he could still sense the change in her emotions.

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