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What was even more shocking was that Shen Feng clearly meant for Shen Yanxiao to join the other candidates to set off for the Lava Valley together!

Did he just crack a joke!

Shen Duan was not the only one in shock, even Shen Yue, Shen Jing, and Shen Ling who stood at the side were stunned.

The old man had never been close with that fool.

Did the sun rise from the West It was such a crucial period for the Vermilion Bird Familys reputation, and he actually allowed that fool to participate

Did Shen Feng have a mental lapse

Shen Duans expression paled.

He honestly did not know what to say.

He wanted to tell his father that Shen Yanxiao was an idiot with mental deficiency and that she was also trash who could not train in magic or battle aura.

The possibility for her to sign a contract with the Vermilion Bird was zero, so why would his father risk their familys prestige with her appearance before the sage

Shen Duan wanted to persuade Shen Feng to abandon those outrageous thoughts, but Shen Feng did not give him a chance to speak before he went straight ahead.

Instead, Shen Siyu walked past Shen Duan and said, “Itll suffice for Second Uncle to send the servant maids directly to Xiaoxiaos room.

I will send someone there in a short while.”

The second-generation and third-generation of the Vermilion Bird Family had the same expression as Shen Duan, that expression showed their thoughts, which wasDid the world go crazy or did we go crazy

Did the world turn into a fantasy novel!

Since she believed that it was her duty to be a bystander, Shen Yanxiao trained and crammed herself with knowledge of that world as Shen Siyu continued to bring her exquisite pastries from time to time, and her days were free and mostly unfettered.

Just when she felt like a fish back in the water, her peaceful days were disrupted during the second day of the sages arrival.

On the way to the main house, Shen Yanxiao lowered her head and followed behind the servant as she failed to understand the situation.

Why did Shen Feng ask for her attendance when the sage came to the Vermilion Bird Family Wasnt he afraid that theVermilion Bird Familys disgrace would bring shame to their excellent reputation

With those doubts in her mind, Shen Yanxiao arrived again at the main house where she had been a spectator.

As she walked in, she saw another person by Shen Fengs side.

Dressed in a pure and holy white robe with light blue colored satin on the corners of his sleeves, and a few patterns that were weaved with silver threads, his clothing looked frugal yet exquisite.

There was a faint smile on his handsome face that seemed to bring comfort to those who saw him.

His bright eyes could also bring out an odd feeling of ease and revere in a person.

The commoners saw the sage from the God Realm as the gods son, and therefore, his arrival was worshipped as such everywhere he went, regardless of the country.

Shen Yanxiao quickly sized up the worlds greatest conman and lowered her head and continued to act like an idiot.

The moment she entered the main hall, she could sense the gaze of the Vermilion Bird Familys disciples who were all seated on both sides as they continued to stare at her conspicuously.

Shen Jiayi stood behind Shen Duan, and her previous pretty face seemed pale.

Even though she had meticulously dressed up, it could not conceal the sorry state that she was in.

Her jet-black hair had become a thing of the past, and after she continued to use potions that promoted hair growth, hair had finally grown on her head.

However, the length was only half the length of a finger.

No matter how she dressed up, her head looked similar to a birds nest.

She looked like a bald little lion, and those who saw her could not help themselves as they laughed at her.

She stared intently at Shen Yanxiao.

She would never forget who had landed her in such a miserable state.

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