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Chapter 375: Survival of the Fittest (2)

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“They are only a group of lower-level demons,” Xiu spoke with a calm voice.

It was as if he was not concerned with anything that had happened.

“The lower-level demons are not much different than other ordinary beasts.

They often only act upon their hunger for food.

They do not have much wisdom to talk about.” Xiu described those terrifying creatures as if they were ants.

“It is easier to determine the level of a demon than it is a human.

Lower-level demons are similar to beasts.

Even though they may be quite powerful, they are also the easiest to deal with.

As for intermediate-level demons, they possess a certain level of intellect and are not as rash as the lower-level ones.

The one we encountered at the foot of the mountain was an intermediate-level demon.

It knows to conceal itself to observe the enemy before it decides what to do with you lot.

As for the high-level demons…” Xiu paused for a moment.

“The high-level demons usually have higher intelligence than an average human.

Their strengths are also comparable to those experts who have changed professions.

These demons also can disguise themselves as humans and mingle in their midst.

Average humans would never discover their existence.”

Shen Yanxiao felt an aura from behind her in the middle of Xius explanation.

“Wait and observe,” Xiu said when he realized that Shen Yanxiao had wanted to act on that.

So, Shen Yanxiao could only continue to stand on the tree branch as if she had sensed nothing.

That particular aura got closer as each second passed until she could even sense that beings strength.

Suddenly, an ice-cold aura reached out from behind her.

It had a strong dark element that caused Shen Yanxiao to shiver.

“Where are you from, little kid How courageous of you to enjoy the show from here.” A voice teased from behind her.

As soon as Shen Yanxiao turned around, a pale white hand suddenly held her neck in a tight grip.

A handsome-but-monstrous face entered her line of sight.

He had a rather pale complexion and purple pupils in his narrow eyes.

He looked about eighteen to nineteen years old, and he had a bloodcurdling smile on his face.

That person looked very dangerous!

A warning alarm rang in Shen Yanxiaos mind.

However, Xiu did not have any instructions for her yet, and that was what confused her.

That monstrous young man licked his lips, and his greedy, teasing eyes sized her up.

“You were neither surprised, nor fearful when you saw how the demons skinned those humans alive.

Little kid, are you truly that brave, or did that scene shock you into silence” The frightful-looking young man was quite curious about Shen Xiaos calm attitude, and his fingers that looped around her neck softly brushed against her skin like a feather.

Shen Yanxiao could already guess his identity when she stared into his purple eyes.

His powerful and imposing demeanor and his extremely abnormal eyes could easily suffocate people, and It was not something that a human could possess.

It was just like what Xiu had said.

A high-level demon could transform into any human appearance of their choice.

Furthermore, she knew that only demons could have purple eyes.

She had only intended to peek at the demons in the forest.

She did not expect that she would get to meet a powerful high-level demon.

Shen Yanxiao did not know if she should feel happy about her serendipitous fortune or to mourn her bad luck.

The strength of an advanced demon could rival Yun Qi, who was at his peak.

Even though she had reached the level of an intermediate Warlock and Archer, she could not even begin to compare to such a powerful existence.

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