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Chapter 378: High-levelled Demon (2)

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The demons arrival had been a nightmare for humans.

However, for the demons, it had also been a nightmare when they reached the continent.

“If you were to find something that could give you dark elements, would you stop eating humans then” Shen Yanxiaos mind spun rapidly.

She did not believe there was such a thing as natural enemies.

The conflict between humans and demons started because the latter had no food to fill their hunger in the human world.

Even though human flesh could not provide them with the dark elements that they need, the demons would have to survive with the dark side of the human mind.

If they could find something to substitute their diet, then perhaps the demons and humans could coexist peacefully.

It was a coincidence that Shen Yanxiao had that very item in her possession.

The combination of Moling, Flame Grass, and Skeleton Flower could produce powerful dark elements.

Xiu had even wanted to use that to breed demons to recover his strength.

If she could get all three elements before the competition in six months, she would get a city in the Forsaken Lands if she were to win it.

At that time, they could produce enough dark elements to keep a few demons alive.

To put it simply, they would have enough to satisfy Xius needs and change the way humans treat demonic beasts.

Shen Yanxiao did not want to keep those demons in chains while Xiu absorbed their energy.

It would be perfect if they could achieve mutual benefits for all parties involved.

However, the only problem with that situation was that Shen Yanxiao did not know much about the situation, and Xiu could only tell her the general circumstances.

That was why she was eager to meet a demon; it was so that she could continue to make plans.

The demon in front of her was not only smart, but he was also not in a hurry to devour her.

That had given her a chance to ask questions about the demons.

Freud quirked his eyebrows and looked at the little kid who had asked those questions.

He thought that it was a joke.

“We need dark elements that originate from the Devils Clan.

As far as I know, humans are fearful of such elements.

If they were careless enough to feed their inner demons, they would be turned into a half-human-half-demon thing.

And youre saying that we can find such dark elements here You must be joking.”

Shen Yanxiao said, “How would you know if you have yet to try it If you were given a choice, would you rather feed with chicken ribs, or would you rather gain a large increase in strength that the dark elements could provide”

The dark elements were just as essential to the demons as battle aura and magic is to humans.

Often at times, they did not need to train hard as they could absorb sufficient dark elements to increase their strength if they were to rely on their innate abilities.

No humans could think of such an easy way to do that.

Freud laughed out loud and said.

“If such an opportunity exists, do you honestly think that humans would attract our attention Well, both options are food, but we would rather choose the dark elements that could increase our strength.

Little kid, I know what you mean.

Youre asking why we dont search for food that could substitute dark elements but insisted on preying on humans.

It was not like we did not wish for that too.

However, the most useful item to do that had been destroyed by that so-called God Realm.

How could we still possibly have a choice”

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